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Meet the 2014 Public Speaking Lab Staff!

Read below about the undergraduate students who work with the PSL in either the Consultant or Program Assistant role.  The Fall 2014 Consultants will be listed soon!



Spring 2014 PSL Consultants

 The Public Speaking Lab (PSL) recruits and trains selected undergraduate students to serve as consultants in the lab every fall and spring semester. Consultants hold regular office hours staffing the PSL as well as participate in a weekly class on public speaking and communication skills development/consulting. PSL Consultants receive academic internship credit for their time commitment.


Vivian   Name: Vivian                                    

  Class Standing: Sophomore

  Major: Actuarial Sciences 

  Best Public Speaking Tip: If you don't agree with what you're presenting to your audience, don't make it visible to them. Show enthusiasm towards your work because if you don't, how can you expect your audience to? 






 EmilyName: Emily

 Class Standing: Sophomore

 Major: Integrative Neuroscience

 Best Public Speaking Tip: Be Confident! Know that what you have to say is important and act like you know it! Nervousness cowers in front of confidence! 






Tatiana Name: Tatiana

 Class Standing: Freshman

 Major: Biological Sciences 

 Best Public Speaking Tip: Have confidence in yourself. Wear something that makes you feel good, listen to a motivational song before you present. Nothing captures an audience's attention more than a speaker who is comfortable in his or her own skin. Most importantly, smile. 






Ashley Name: Ashley

 Class Standing: Junior

 Major: English Literature and Rhetoric 

 Best Public Speaking Tip: Be prepared. Being prepared will settle your nerves and allow you to organize your thoughts to give a killer presentation.






Kelly Name: Kelly   

 Class Standing: Sophomore

 Major: Integrative Neuroscience 

 Best Public Speaking Tip: Relax! Stay confident. You know what you are presenting better than anyone so keep calm and carry on a relaxing, confident and entertaining presentation!






Molly Name: Molly

 Class Standing: Junior

 Major: English

 Best Public Speaking Tip: Be aware of your trip-ups! If you know you touch your hair, wear your hair up! If you know you fidget and play with watches/rings/bracelets, don't wear them. Being aware of what you do will help you fix the mistakes and make a better presentation.






Faseeh Name: Faseeh                   

 Class Standing: Junior   

 Major: Chemistry  

 Best Public Speaking Tip: If you see yourself losing your train of thought and begin rambling, stop for a few seconds and take a deep breath. No one will remember the rambling or the pause; only how you delivered afterwards.                






Neil Name: Neil         

 Class Standing: Sophomore

 Major : Economics

 Best Public Speaking Tip: 






Megan Name: Megan 

 Class Standing: Sophomore

 Major: Psychology 

 Best Public Speaking Tip: Be confident and well informed in your topic and it will show! 






Marcol Name: Marcol  

 Class Standing: Senior

 Majors: English and Spanish

 Best Public Speaking Tip: Confidence is key. If as a presenter you are confident about what you are presenting then the audience will be more receptive to your speech/message.






Diana Name: Dyana                  

 Class Standing: Freshman


 Best Public Speaking Tip: Close your eyes. Take a minute and think. Realize that this is your presentation, your moment and you are a smart, confident individual ready to share your wisdom. Take a deep breath in, let it out and open your eyes. You are now ready to begin. 





Spring 2014 PSL Program Assistants

PSL Program Assistants are undergraduates who serve in a variety of roles that incorporate oral communication skills development. They facilitate workshops about oral communication and presentation skills to a variety of audiences including student organizations, student leader groups, classrooms, and others. Workshop topics focus on a variety of skill development areas including professional presentation skills, public speaking anxiety, effective visual aids, verbal and non-verbal communication delivery, presentation organization and more. The Program Assistants have all served as PSL Consultants in previous semesters, so bring a wealth of experience to the role.

Name: Alex MoehringAlex

Class Standing: Sophomore

Major: English and Human Development, History Minor

Best Public Speaking Tip: Confidence is key! If you're nervous, don't let it show! (Conceal, don't feel).








Name: Alyssa Famolari

Class Standing: Junior

Major: English and Spanish

Best Public Speaking Tip: Always try to engage your audience from the beginning with an awesome introduction. It never hurts to be a little funny!








Name: Amanda Vogler

Class Standing: Sophomore

Major: Mechanical Engineering, Math Minor

Best Public Speaking Tip: Be enthusiastic! Even if your topic is dry, find a way to enjoy it and make it fun! 








Name: Andre Donaldson

Class Standing: Junior

Major: English with a concentration in Rhetoric 

Best Public Speaking Tip: Presence, command attention, you are the one running the show. Confidence is an understatement; for the presentation, you are the boss. 








Name: Gina Kim

Class Standing: Junior

Major: Integrative Neuroscience

Best Public Speaking Tip:








Name: Jenna Williams

Class Standing: Senior

Major: Psychology, Education, Health and Wellness

Best Public Speaking Tip: Passion is the key to enjoy a presentation and resonate with your demographic. 







karolineName: Karoline Kaon

Class Standing: Senior

Major: Linguistics, Global Studies Minor

Best Public Speaking Tip: Make sure to get a good night's rest before your presentation. 







RisaName: Risa Gul

Class Standing: Senior

Major: Math/Actuarial Science

Best Public Speaking Tip: Practice, practice, practice! The more you practice, the more confident you'll feel in the content and the presentation as a whole. 








Name: Zoe Liebmann

Class Standing: Sophomore

Major: Political Science

Best Public Speaking Tip: Smile and stand tall! If you look good, you'll feel good and confident. Don't let your fears get the best of you. Smile and everyone will smile with you. 

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Last Updated: 9/11/14