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Meet the 2015 Public Speaking Lab Staff!

Read below about the undergraduate students who work with the PSL in either the Consultant or Program Assistant role.  The Fall 2014 Consultants will be listed soon!



Spring 2015 PSL Consultants

 The Public Speaking Lab (PSL) recruits and trains selected undergraduate students to serve as consultants in the lab every fall and spring semester. Consultants hold regular office hours staffing the PSL as well as participate in a weekly class on public speaking and communication skills development/consulting. PSL Consultants receive academic internship credit for their time commitment.








Name: Muath                                  

 Class Standing: Junior

 Major: Financial economics

 Best Public Speaking Tip: Do not be scared. Try not to be nervous, because it will only make things worse. You got this. Own the presentation and everything will be all right. 









Name: Natahsa

 Class Standing: Freshmen

 Major: Human Development

 Best Public Speaking Tip: The best tip for effective public speaking would be to just be yourself. Relax, be confident and well prepared, and deliver.









 Name: Marlena

 Class Standing: Junior

 Major: English and Rhetoric

 Best Public Speaking Tip: Take the time to practice outside of class on your own. The more you practice the better you'll be.










Name: Lilan

 Class Standing: Sophomore

 Major: Political Science

 Best Public Speaking Tip: If you are confident, be confident! If you are not, practice to be confident









Name: Gina  

 Class Standing: Sophomore

 Major: Integrative Neuroscience 

 Best Public Speaking Tip: Be confident and just be yourself!










Name: Cindy

 Class Standing: Freshmen

 Major: Undecided

 Best Public Speaking Tip: It'll all be over in a couple of minutes, for the mean time breathe, smile and be confident!












 Name: Elizabeth                  

 Class Standing: Sophomore  

 Major: English (Creative Writing)

 Best Public Speaking Tip: Present yourself with passion, take you time to find the confidence you need and do not be afraid to fail, perfection is a myth. 









Name: Patricia        

 Class Standing: Freshman

 Major : Financial Economics & Spanish

 Best Public Speaking Tip: Do anything it takes to make you feel better about yourself. Whether it is practicing or wearing you favorite outfit. 











 Class Standing:


 Best Public Speaking Tip:  









Spring 2014 PSL Program Assistants

PSL Program Assistants are undergraduates who serve in a variety of roles that incorporate oral communication skills development. They facilitate workshops about oral communication and presentation skills to a variety of audiences including student organizations, student leader groups, classrooms, and others. Workshop topics focus on a variety of skill development areas including professional presentation skills, public speaking anxiety, effective visual aids, verbal and non-verbal communication delivery, presentation organization and more. The Program Assistants have all served as PSL Consultants in previous semesters, so bring a wealth of experience to the role.


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Last Updated: 5/8/15