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Purchasing Procedures By Dollar Amount Thresholds: State Purpose, IFR and Dormitory Funds

Up To $2,500

Requester may choose vendor without obtaining quotes from competition.

Requester may use the New York State Procurement card for most non-travel expenditures.

$2,500.01 To  $50,000

Award is based upon reasonableness of price or comparative quotations. Written documentation of reasonableness of price or written quotations are required with requisition submission. Send requisition quotes, with the printed approved requisition or the approved requisition number written on the quotes, to Purchasing. If there is no competition available, send a sole source justification or reasonableness justification with requisition or requisition number written on it to Purchasing. Note: $20,000 and up construction and construction  related contracts must advertise in the New York State Contract Reporter.

$50,000.01 To $250,000*
Formal Bid required. Must advertise in New York State Contract Reporter. Allow 6-7 weeks to process.

$50,000.01 To  $200,000 Certified Minority Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) Procurement 
Must be advertised in the NYS Contract Reporter as a notification of the opportunity with competition limited to NYS Small Businesses and businesses certified pursuant to Article 15-A of the New York State Executive Law.

 $250,000.01 + **
Formal Bid Required with Approval by Office of the State Comptroller required. Must advertise in New York State Contract Reporter.  Allow 10-13 weeks turnaround.

* Transactions exceeding $100,000 require vendor's certification of responsibility(Office of the New York State Comptroller Web Guide).

* *Certain exceptions, such as bids that have been protested, require OSC approval at over $125,000.

Minority/Women's Business Enteprise Goal Development Process

Effective immediately, according to a policy mandated by New York State and SUNY, any purchase over $25,000 must go through a special process to determine whether or not Certified Minority and/or Women owned Businesses Enterprises (CMWBE's) can participate in the procurement or fully supply the goods or services. We are required to attain a CMWBE utilization goal of purchasing 21% of all of our goods and services from CMWBE's. Due to the nature of this new process, please plan your purchases accordingly as anything over the $25,000 threshold will have a longer turnaround time due to additional SUNY and Empire State Development (ESD) approvals. Please note that this process does not apply to any item you are purchasing off of NYS contract. Therefore, please contact the Purchasing Dept. if you have questions regarding NYS contracts or CMWBE's.

If goals must be assigned to the project and/or commodity and/or service, the Purchasing Office will do so.  The opportunity to bid on the project will be presented with the goals that the contractor must put in a "good faith effort" to meet. 

Utilization Plan: After  the bids are received and a responsible bidder is determined, the bidder/contractor is required to submit an MWBE utilization plan with their bid which would then be forwarded to the Purchasing Office.  Approval may take up to thirty (30) days or longer if the utilization program as submitted is considered inadequate. After approval a purchase order can be issued or contract signed. If the utilization plan is unapproved and no resolution can be agreed upon, we move to the next qualified vendor/contractor to restart this portion of the process.


Sales and Use Tax Exemption Letter From New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (pdf, 27kb).


A protesting party may submit a protest to Binghamton University Purchasing Director concerning a pending or awarded contract within 10 business days after the protesting party knows or should have known of the facts which form the basis of the protest. Click Here For Bid Protest Procedure.

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Last Updated: 10/22/14