Requirements for Religious Studies Minor

  • Minimum of 6 courses (24 credit hours). Students may count two courses from their major area of study toward the minor.

  • 2 foundational (100-200 level) and 4 upper-level courses (300-400 level). Students must complete at least three of the 300-400 level courses at Binghamton University. The program recommends that PHIL 315 be one of these upper-level courses, if possible.
  • At least two traditions, including but not limited to: African religions, Asian religions, Islam, Judaism, Christianity.

  • At least two disciplines, including but not limited to: Anthropology, Biology, Comp Lit, Evos, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology.

  • At least one course must carry the General Education “C” designation. No courses which count toward the minor may be taken P/F. A grade of C or better is necessary for a course to count towards the Minor.


Last Updated: 2/3/15