Human Participants Training and Education Requirement

In response to a federal mandate on human participants protection training, Binghamton University has adopted a mandatory initial and ongoing training program for ALL investigators and their faculty supervisors AND research personnel involved in human participants research. (Research personnel are defined as anyone who is listed on the Human Subjects Research Review form).

Educational group selection varies on the type of research that will be conducted. There are three types of review: Exempt, Expedited and Full Board Review. The review criteria is based on the risk and the subjects involved. For example, all research that involves obtaining DNA specimens require full board review.

For a complete list of the determination of IRB review, please visit our website at this link: Determining Human Subjects Involvement.


Expedited, full board review research in social behavioral and bio-medical research:
  • Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI)
    • Group 1: Biomedical (no patient contact)
    • Group 2: Biomedical (patient contact, involving drugs or devices)
    • Group 3: Biomedical (patient contact, no drugs or devices)
    • Group 4: Social/Behavioral
Exempt Research in social behavioral sciences:
Educational refresher course:

Re-certification of Principal Investigators, staff and students involved in social, behavioral and biomedical research, requires that you complete the refresher course requirements listed on CITI Webpage:

Last Updated: 8/10/16