Proposal Development Roles and Services

The Office of Strategic Research Initiatives works with faculty teams to position university programs and collaborative efforts for successful funding. We focus primarily on multi-investigator proposals, institutional training proposals, center proposals, infrastructure, capacity building and regional economic development initiatives. We have expertise in the design of educational programs and center management structures. The involvement of OSRI staff in proposal development can be tailored to a project team’s needs, ranging from partnership to support. Here are possible roles and services we can provide:
  1. Project partner contributing to project design and proposal writing.
  2.  Design and preparation of educational plans.
  3.  Design and preparation of center management structures and business plans.
  4.  Facilitation of communication, meetings, roles, and responsibilities of team members.
  5.  Consultation on how to structure a project team or project.
  6.  Proposal editor coalescing team members’ contributions and finalizing the draft.
  7.  Writing identified sections of a proposal. Please review our University Briefs for information to help prepare common proposal sections.
  8.  Partnership development, both internal and external.
  9.  Development of evaluation component of the project.
  10.  Coordination with Federal and State Relations.
  11.  Review of a final draft.


 Please note: Our capacity to assist with your proposal is dependent upon the office’s current grants portfolio. Please contact our office at (607) 777-2931 or email us at well in advance of your submission deadline to discuss your proposal preparation needs.



Last Updated: 9/20/16