Meet our staff

Our staff is committed to making your accommodations at Binghamton University more than just a room in a residence hall — we want to make it your home.

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Department and communities

Central office

The Residential Life central office is located in
CIW Tuscarora 213.
Phone: 607-777-2321
Fax: 607-777-4350
Title Name/e-mail
Associate Dean of Students, Director of Residential Life and University Housing Suzanne Howell
Senior Associate Director of Residential Life and Marketing Sharon O'Neill
Assistant Dean for Financial Operations Paola Mignone
Associate Director of Information Technology Dean of Students/Residential Life Chris Cullinane
Assistant Director of Marketing Dean of Students/Residential Life Cindy Blackman
Associate Director of Staffing Amy Pollock Drake
Associate Director of Operations and Crisis JJ Brice
Associate Director of Housing Sue Briggs
Support Staff Hannah Ward
Support Staff Barbara Dickman



Phone: 607-777-2637
Fax: 607-777-6255
Title/hall Name/e-mail Phone
Assistant Director Erin Kentos 607-777-2637
Collegiate Professor Stephen Ortiz 607-777-2637
Secretary Melissa Clapp 607-777-2637
RD Mohawk Katie Shapiro 607-777-2679
RD Oneida Lauren Morris 607-777-3664
RD Onondaga Lauren Sewell 607-777-3841
RD Seneca Amanda Osborne 607-777-5122


Dickinson Community

Phone: 607-777-2826
Fax: 607-777-4734
Title/hall Name/e-mail Phone
Assistant Director Diana Castellanos 607-777-2826
Collegiate Professor Kim Jaussi 607-777-2826
Secretary   607-777-2826
RD Johnson Colin Evans 607-777-6044
ARC Johnson  Keiffer Peralta 607-777-2806
RD O'Connor Adam Palmatier 607-777-3105
ARC O'Connor David Sherlock 607-777-7335
RD Rafuse Keosha Griffiths 607-777-5847
ARC Rafuse William Troche 607-777-5417
RD Digman Jennifer Roach 607-777-3180
ARC Digman Sarah Boniche 607-777-2158
RD Old Digman Ali Nottke  607-777-7461


Hinman College

Phone: 607-777-4716
Fax: 607-777-4764
Title/hall Name/e-mail Phone
Acting Assistant Director Kristin Calegari  607-777-4716
Collegiate Professor Al Vos  607-777-6965
Secretary Julie Barry  607-777-4716
Career Consultant in Residence Lexie Avery 607-777-4277
RD Cleveland and Hughes Amber Wade  607-777-6685
ARC Cleveland and Hughes Diana Shcherbenko  607-777-6690
RD Smith and Roosevelt Kelli Campa  607-777-6689
ARC Smith and Roosevelt Brady Turner  607-777-6687
RD Lehman Taylor Silvestri  607-777-6686


Mountainview College

Phone: 607-777-7660
Fax: 607-777-7667
Title/hall Name/e-mail Phone
Area Director Kim Garrison  607-777-7660
Collegiate Professor Kevin Wright  607-777-7660
Academic Graduate Student Darrell Robinson  607-777-3501
Mountainview RD Kevin Fox  607-777-3549
Mountainview RD Victoria Jackson  607-777-2381
Case Management Intern Akeem Samuels  607-777-4363


Newing College

Phone: 607-777-2864
Fax: 607-777-6296
Title/hall Name/e-mail Phone
Assistant Director Deana Kalcich  607-777-2864
Collegiate Professor Mark Reisinger  607-777-2864
Secretary Annetta Cobb  607-777-2864
RD Bingham Marshall Hild  607-777-4719
ARC Bingham Aaron Perkins  607-777-3129
RD Broome Ryan Roosa  607-777-5273
ARC Broome Denise Chen  607-777-5264
RD Delaware Natona Davi  607-777-5420
ARC Delaware Pascal Trapp  607-777-3522
RD Endicott Micheal Lorusso  607-777-5022
ARC Endicott Dan Palmateer  607-777-5247


Apartment Community

Phone: 607-777-4455
Fax: 607-777-4989

Phone: 607-777-2904
Fax: 607-777-4202

Title/hall Name/e-mail Phone
Assistant Director Kristin Calegari  607-777-4455/2904
Career & Professional Development Consultant Laura O'Neill  607-777-4455/2904
Hillside Support Staff  Darlene Burns  607-777-4455
Hillside CD Nicole Riley 607-777-4455
Hillside ACD William Hsu  607-777-5158
Susquehanna Support Staff Karen Gerchman  607-777-2904
Susquehanna ACD Shawn Butler 7-5157
Susquehanna ACD Cassaundra Klinko  607-777-2904

ResLife Roles

Assistant director

Each college/community is assigned an assistant director whose primary responsibility is to develop an environment where our students can study, socialize and grow.

Resident directors & community director

In the traditional residential areas, the assistant directors supervise resident directors (RDs). RDs are full-time professionals — many of whom have completed their master's degree — who live in the residence hall. In the apartment communities the AD supervises a Community Director (CD) — also a master's-prepared full-time professional. The RDs and CD ensure that the halls foster a sense of community and a living-learning atmosphere for the residents.

Assistant residential coordinators and assistant community directors

Some traditional halls have graduate-level assistant residential coordinators (ARCs) who work with the RDs to oversee the halls. In the apartments, the CD works with three graduate-level assistant community directors (ACDs) to develop a sense of community while assisting students in their transition to apartment-style living.

Resident assistants

Each floor of the halls have Resident Assistants (RAs) who play a vital role in developing and maintaining an atmosphere of academic, personal and social growth in the halls. RAs assist students with the transition to college, serving as mentors and friends during the academic year.

Last Updated: 2/20/17