Community Leaders

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Resident Assistants 

Resident Assistants (RAs) are responsible for helping create and maintain a sense of community through programming and informal interactions with residents.  They also maintain a regular nighttime duty schedule, document policy violations, and perform administrative duties like lock outs and health and safety inspections.


Area Governments

Susquehanna and Hillside each have their own area government executive boards.  They each plan activities and traditions within each area and also take the time to collaborate for apartment community-wide efforts. 


Susquehanna Community Council

The Susquehanna Community Council (SCC) sponsors yearly traditions for the Susquehanna residents such as the Thanksgiving dinner and the Susquehanna Block Party.  SCC currently holds its meetings Tuesday evenings at 9pm in the Susquehanna Coffeehouse.

Hillside Village Council

The Hillside Village Council (HVC) works to organize yearly events such as Hillside Hillfest, Hillside Havoc, and other area traditions.  The HVC currently meets Tuesday evenings at 9pm in the Hillside Commons.

Last Updated: 7/18/14