Events in the Apartments
Each year there are several events for the apartment residents to participate in.  Below you will find more information on these events.


What's Going On Now?

Congratulations to graduating students! Be sure to RSVP to the Apartments Area Recognition Ceremony next Friday, May 16th! Also if you haven't yet, complete your senior survey so that Binghamton University and learn from your experience!


Apartment Match

In the spring semester, just before housing sign ups, the Apartment Match event is held to help residents find other students to live with them for the upcoming academic year.  One portion of the event is held in Susquehanna and another is held in Hillside so residents from each respective area can find new roommates.


The area’s senior recognition ceremony offers closure and celebration to those graduating from our institution. Recognition ceremony is held in addition to a reception for graduating students and their families.


Area Specific Events




A fall festival celebrated outside on our gorgeous quad. Residents enjoy some free food, music and games.

Block Party

The annual Susquehanna Block party occurs in the spring when the weather warms up and the winter blues disappear. The Block Party features great food and entertainment such as live performances by student groups, and inflatables!  


A welcome to spring, this annual day of celebration includes free food, music, and fun blow-up activities like the joist and the bounce house.




Last Updated: 7/18/14