Cayuga Hall


Hello current and future Cayugans!

The Cayuga staff welcomes you to our home! Cayuga is home to the Cayuga Turtles. We are a small but active community that provides a safe and comfortable environment where all are welcome. Cayuga is also home to a Transfer Floor and a Chem Free Community. Our RA's work to provide an inclusive environment and hold many events throughout the year to promote both personal and professional growth. Our Hall Government is very active; hosting various events throughout the year. They, along with the RAs, work hard to ensure the residents of Cayuga are having the best experience possible. 


Meet the Cayuga Hall Staff

 Cayuga staff
2015-2016 Cayuga Hall Staff


Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson – Resident Director

Stella Abayev
Stella Abayev – Resident Assistant 2AL

Mira Bishawi
Mira Bishawi – Resident Assistant 3AL

Bijan Kashani
Bijan Kashani – Resident Assistant 4MX

Josh Kotler
Josh Kotler – Resident Assistant 1AL

Duncan McInnes
Duncan McInnes – Resident Assistant 3MX

Adam Pitkin
Adam Pitkin – Resident Assistant 5AL

Rashel Shamtoob
Rashel Shamtoob – Resident Assistant 4AL

Nicole Vogt
Nicole Vogt – Resident Assistant 5MX

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Meet the Cayuga Hall Government Executive Board


2014-2015 Cayuga Hall Government
coming soon

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Cayuga Green

Cayuga's building color is green and its mascot is the turtle. Go Cayuga Turtles! 

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Last Updated: 9/1/15