Colored shirts by building

Your hall, your home, your new favorite color

CIW Community Map


Cayuga is a small but active building. Cayuga is home to the Cayuga Turtles, which includes over 200 residents. Cayuga has a Transfer Floor as well as a Chem Free Community. Cayuga residents pride themselves of being a friendly and sociable environment where all are welcome!

  • Color: green
  • Mascot: turtle


As a break housing building, Mohawk offers the opportunity for residents to live, interact, and learn from students from all over the world. Mohawk is also home to our Learning Community.

  • Color: yellow
  • Mascot: hawk


“Home is where Oneida is,” that’s what all of the students living here say. As the biggest building within the College-in-Woods community, Oneida Hall is home to over 300 students who enjoy annual building traditions such as the Oneida Coffee House, Block Party and Date Auction.

  • Color: black
  • Mascot: bear


Onondaga was one of the first halls built in CIW and since then it has led this community with a distinct blue spirit.

  • Color: blue
  • Mascot: dragon


Seneca Hall is home to 275 residents who all share a passion for the color red and co-rec football and volleyball.

  • Color: red
  • Mascot: beaver

Last Updated: 1/19/17