Mohawk Hall PictureWelcome to Mohawk Hawk HAWK, the home of the 2007 through 2010 Woods Olympics Champions. As the newest building in College-in-the-Woods, Mohawk offers its residents an enriching living and learning experience that capitalizes on the very diverse BU student population. With residents from around the globe Mohawk fosters an environment that encourages development of lifelong friendships from a global perspective. So come on by and experience all that the HAWK has to offer!

Meet the Mohawk Building Staff

 Mohawk Staff

2015-2016 Mohawk Hall Staff

Jennifer Roach
Jennifer Roach – Resident Director

Dominique Descorbeth
Dominique Descorbeth – Resident Assistant 4A

Qimin Chen
Qimin 'Denise' Chen – Resident Assistant 3M

Nathan Badore
Nathan Badore – Resident Assistant 5A

Takuya Naruse
Takuya Naruse – Resident Assistant 2A

Mia Katz
Mia Katz – Resident Assistant 1N3

Eliza Sargeant
Eliza Sargeant – Resident Assistant 2M

Gabriel Valencia
Gabriel Valencia – Resident Assistant 4M

Bridget Kunz
Bridget Kunz – Resident Assistant 5M

Rasheed Thompson
Rasheed Thompson – Resident Assistant 3A

Contact Us

For general questions or concerns please feel free to email the building Resident Director, Jennifer Roach at or call (607) 777-2679.
Residents may contact the RA Office between the hours of
8pm and 12am for assistance at 7-3400.

Last Updated: 9/24/15