"Home is where Oneida is," that's what all of the students living here say. As the biggest building within the College-in-Woods community, Oneida Hall is home to over 300 students who enjoy building their community through area traditions. Oneida Hall is also 2014-2015 Co-Rec Football Champions!

Color: Black
Mascot: Bear

Meet the Oneida Staff


Oneida Staff

2014-2015 Oneida Hall Staff

RD Ashley White
Ashley White
Resident Director


RA Kelly Garson
Kelly Garson
Resident Assistant

RA Patrick Hao
Patrick Hao
Resident Assistant


RA Joseph Abu
Joseph Abu
Resident Assistant


RA Jillian Chen
Jillian Chen
Resident Assistant


RA Jennifer Lore-Ayala
Jennifer Lore-Ayala
Resident Assistant


RA Matthew McAuliffe
Matthew McAuliffe
Resident Assistant


RA Avish Ramdut
Avish Ramdut
Resident Assistant


RA Bridget Kunz
Bridget Kunz
Resident Assistant


RA Eyliza Morciglio

Eyliza Morciglio
Resident Assistant

RA Kyle TierneyKyle Tierney
Resident Assistant


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2012-2013 Oneida Hall Government

Oneida Hall Gov

L to R: Ricki, Maryam, Stephen, Sierra, Chelsea

Stephen Loonie

Chelsea Desruisseaux
Academic Vice President

Ricki Zimmermann
Social Vice President

Sierra Tacetta

Maryam Hacque


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The Oneida Hall Learning Community 2014-2015


Students in the Oneida Learning Community are required to take two courses: we recommend one of Philosophy 201B, Philo 146.3, and Poli Sci 113, and one of the WRIT111 sections or HDEV 105. You will note that the lectures for Philo 201 and Philo 146 are at the same time, so you can take only one of those; you can however take Poli Sci 113 together with any of the other courses, and it would be possible to take both WRIT 111 (either section) and HDEV 105.

We have, limited to CIW students, and early availability for those who enroll in the Oneida or Mohawk Learning Community:

• Two sections of WRIT 111, a course strongly recommended for all Freshmen (Gened J); Tuesday and Thursday 2:50 – 4:15 and Tuesday and Thursday 4:25-5:50. This year the theme is "Coming to Voice in the Wake of the 2012 Election." This course will be taught in Mohawk Hall.
• One section of HDEV 105: Wednesday 9:40-11:40. This course is designed to help students adjust to the university environment. It carries Gened O credit. Taught by Roni O'Geen, this course will be taught in Mohawk Hall.
• Philosophy 201B: Plato and Aristotle. Lecture TR 10:05-11:40, special discussion section with Faculty Master Preus W 8:30-9:30, Gened J. This course is required for the Philosophy major and counts toward the PPL major.
• Philosophy 146: Law and Justice. Lecture TR 10:05-11:40, Section 3, F 9:40, is reserved for CIW students and is possibly the only way, as a first year student, you'll get into this course. The lecturer is Max Pensky, Chair of the Philosophy Department.
• Political Science 113: Comparative Politics TR 11:40-1:05, section 6, W 5:50-6:50. The lecturer is Professor Heller Fordham.

The Oneida Learning Community is a great opportunity to get to know other students with many of the same interests, and to work together with them for your first semester in college. For more information (and for more explanation about all these confusing academic abbreviations), please contact



Contact Us

For general questions or concerns please feel free to email the building Resident Director at or call (607) 777-3664.
Residents may contact the RA Office between the hours of
8pm and 12am for assistance at 7-2955.

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