Onondaga is home to the blue, laid back "Daga Dragons!" Onondaga was one of the first halls built in CIW and has led the CIW community with a distinct blue spirit ever since. The Daga Dragons are passionate about competing in good fun and are the 2014 Woods Olympic Champions as a result! Daga Dragons are always ready to "bring the heat" academically and socially.

Meet the Onondaga Staff

Onondaga staff2015-2016 Onondaga Hall Staff

Biama Charles
Biama Charles – Resident Director

Ingrid Campoverde
Ingrid Campoverde – Resident Assistant 4AL

Alissa Eckert
Alissa Eckert – Resident Assistant 4MX

Magdalena Grabos
Magdalena Grabos – Resident Assistant 3MX

Sean Moran
Sean Moran – Resident Assistant 5MX

David Sherlock
David Sherlock – Mentor Resident Assistant

Cara Treidel
Cara Treidel – Resident Assistant 5AL

William Wondra
William Wondra – Resident Assistant 2MX

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Meet the Onondaga Hall Government Executive Board

2015-2016 Onondaga Hall Government

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Last Updated: 8/31/15