College in the Woods


  • 5 residence halls/1,300+ students
  • Suite and corridor-style rooms
  • Doubles, triples, quads and suites for 5 or 6 people
  • Break and chemical free options

Living Learning: Philosophy, politics and law

Traditions: Woods Olympics, Woods Jam, Woodstock, Casino-in-the Woods, co-rec football

Big Idea: Feeding a Hungry World and Hungry Minds

Movie night at Mountainview


  • Opened in 2003-2004
  • 4 residence halls/1200+ students
  • All 4- and 6-person suite-style rooms and designed triples
  • Break and chemical free options

Living Learning: nursing, engineering

Traditions: King of the Mountain, Salamander Days, Ace Of Cupcakes, the Great Debate, Semi-Formal, Faculty-Student Dinner

Big Idea: The Binghamton History Project

Students in Dickinson


  • New buildings opened in 2013-14
  • 4 residence halls/1,500 students
  • "Flats" of either four single rooms or two doubles and a single
  • Chemical free options

Living Learning: Computer, Robotics and Engineering (CoRE), business development/entrepreneurship

Traditions: Mutant Mania, Dickinson Day, co-rec football, open mic night, semi-formal

Big Idea: Business & Entrepreneurship Development

Newing rec fields


  • New buildings opened in 2010-11
  • 4 residence halls/1,500 students
  • Semi-private rooms, 3 double bedrooms shares two private bathrooms
  • Break and chemical free options

Living Learning: Binghamton University Scholars Program, global engagement, education, leadership

Traditions: Autumn Bowl, Newing Navy, co-rec football, semi-formal, Breakfast by Moonlight

Big Idea: Global Engagement

Students outside of Hinman


  • 5 residence halls/1,000+ students
  • Four- and six-person suites
  • Centrally located, across from the Lecture Halls
  • 24-hour quiet and chemical free options

Living Learning: Achieving Leadership in Volunteer Experiences (ALIVE), public service

Traditions: Dorm Wars, Hysteria, Student-faculty connect dinner, Dynamo and Cirrus

Big Idea: Achieving Leadership in Volunteer Experiences (ALIVE)

Susquehanna Community Cafe in the Apartments


  • Two neighborhoods — Hillside and Susquehanna
  • Hillside has 16 different residential buildings, Susquehanna has 4 residential buildings
  • Hillside has 4 and 6 person apartments, Susquehanna has 2 and 4 person apartments
  • Transfer and non-traditional first year students

Living Learning: nursing, transfer students

Traditions: Hillfest, Havoc, Thanksgiving dinner, Hot tub party

Big Idea: A Community of Peace

Last Updated: 8/29/14