Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center

Unique Community Styles

Each community will have its own entrance (Newing on the left, Dickinson on the right), and its own color scheme.

Academic Center

The academic center, accessible from both sides, includes seminar rooms for tutoring, benches and computers, tables with data/power and a printer room.

For the Music Enthusiast

The Newing side includes a new Broome Closet, a soundproof practice room.

CoRE Space

The Dickinson side includes space for the CoRE (computers, robotics and engineering) special-interest housing module.

New Multipurpose Room

The large multipurpose room that includes a stage for the Dickinson Community Players can be divided into six smaller spaces as needed – each with multimedia capabilities − and includes ramp access to the stage.  To reserve this space - click here

Dining Hall Features

  • There will be a shared kitchen and serving area, with separate dining rooms that will each accommodate about 400 people in varied style seating. A connecting, outside patio can be accessed from both dining rooms.
  • The kitchen will include several stations: deli, pizza (with a wall oven), pasta, expeditions (Mongolian Wok), entrees, beverages, granary, international, soup/salad bar, grill.
  • The Kosher Kitchen has two separate kitchens in the building, separated from the main kitchen.
  • The common dish room includes a more efficient conveyor system that can move 300 trays at a time into the cleaning area.

Health Service Improvements

Health Services will have a room on each side for outreach efforts and programming.

Additional Meeting Rooms and Storage

Each side has a meeting room, and offices and storage for its hall government, as well as for its faculty master.

New Lounge Areas

  • There is a gas fireplace in the large Dickinson lounge.
  • A large table being built from local trees will be the centerpiece of the large Newing lounge.
  • There will be a refurbished, working phone booth on the Newing side, salvaged from one of the former Newing buildings.
  • Skylights provide natural lighting.


Last Updated: 8/21/15