Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my mail while living in Dickinson?

Your name
B.U. Box # 07______ (Your assigned box number which you will receive when you check in)
Binghamton University
P.O. Box 6020
Binghamton, NY 13902-6020
Your name
4400 Vestal Parkway East
Campus Mail BU Box # 07______ (Your assigned box number which you will receive when you check in)
Binghamton, NY 13902-6020
Please do not write your hall name or room number when addressing mail. This will only delay delivery by several days. Please note that you will be sharing your mailbox, located next to the Dickinson Dining Hall, with another student, so do not be alarmed if you find another person's mail. Packages: A notification e-mail will be sent to your campus e-mail account if you receive a package. Please bring your University ID card to the Main Post Office on campus to pick up your package.

What size are my Dickinson room, bed, and windows?

Double Bedrooms: 12 ft. 6 in. x 12 ft. 6 in.

Bed: 80 in. long
Johnson and O'Connor have adjustable beds. Beds are extra long twin size. Sheets for these beds are normally available at J.C. Penney or Sears. There is a 6-10 inch clearance under the bed for storage.

Windows: 75 in. wide x 56 in. high

Lofts, halogen lamps, cinder blocks and heating coils (hot plates) are not allowed in the residence halls.

What basic room furnishings are provided by the University?

A typical room in Dickinson Community are furnished as follows:Double room: 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 desk chairs, 2 built-in closets, 2 dressers, phone, mirror, floor lamps, 2 towel racks, and Venetian blinds. If you are assigned to a room with 3 students in a double room, a bunk bed, desk and dresser are added to your room/suite.

Can I bring my phone and computer?

Phones are connected in each room for on-campus calls and are equipped with free long-distance calling.

One Ethernet Computer Hook-up per student and multiple outlets to the university mainframe are available in each residence hall room. If your computer is not equipped with an Ethernet card, one can be purchased in the Campus Bookstore. All residence halls are now equipped with wireless connection.

There is also a Fax Service available to students in the Telecommunications Office. Fax #607-777-4000. To send, $2 first page and $1 each additional page. To receive, $1 first page and $.25 each additional page.

Are there storage facilities available in Dickinson?

Yes. Storage space is available for rental. Please visit the Residential Life office in TU-213 in College-in-the-Woods for more information.

What is in a Dickinson residence hall?

Each hall has a study lounge with a kitchen area, and a main lounge with a television and recreational equipment. There are also vending machines and laundry facilities. Laundry is free for residence hall students. All floors have a floor lounge.

Can I cook in my room and bring appliances?

Cooking is limited to the preparation of snacks only. You may bring small appliances for this purpose (small microwaves, popcorn poppers, refrigerators, etc.) Appliances with open heating elements are not permitted. All appliances must be UL approved.

Refrigerators can be rented from a company called Microfridge (phone 1-800-577-8041). You may want to confer with your roommate before deciding. You can also call Vendor Relations at (607)777-2883 or go on-line for bedding and other services at

Suggestions on what to bring on opening day?

Blanket Linens (extra long twin size)
Bucket (pail) or shower caddy - to carry & store bathroom toiletries
Alarm clock
Power strip (surge protector)
Poster & pictures
Trunk (sometimes handy for extra storage & can be used as a coffee table)
Clothing iron
Coffee Maker (if you drink coffee)
Desk lamp
First aid supplies
Garbage pail or wastebasket
Laundry soap

You may decorate your room or suite with the understanding that any damage (holes, adhesive marks, paint stripped from walls, etc.) will be assessed to your damage account. Please note: No hooks/nails/stickers, etc. are to be attached to the ceilings. Local fire regulations also stipulate that paper decorations may not exceed 20% of the total wall space. Other personal items such as TV sets, stereos, computers, etc., are up to the discretion of each roommate. There is a TV cable hook-up in each residence hall room.

Can I change my room once I arrive?

Room changes are considered after the 2nd week of classes. Please be aware that prior to considering room changes, our first priority will be to move students living in rooms with 3 students in a double room to vacancies in regular occupancy. Mutual room changes (a space for a space) can begin two weeks after the first day of classes. Contact the Dickinson Community Office at the start of the fall semester to begin the process.

Where can I cash checks or open an account?

There is a bank on campus (M&T Bank) which will cash checks for a fee, or free if you have an account with them. There are also two cash machines in the student union and one in the Lecture Hall. In addition, there are several banks within a mile or two from campus. All of these banks are on one of the bus lines and some are within walking distance.

Are there staff members around to help me should I need it?

There are Resident Directors (RD's) in each hall who are responsible for building administration. They have been trained in helping skills and problem solving. They are also good people to talk to about any type of concern. The RD is assisted by 6 Resident Assistants (RA's) in each building. RA's are students who have gone through an intensive selection and training program. On each floor you will find an RA who is a good resource for students in many areas. In addition, Dickinson Community has an administrative staff consisting of an Assistant Director, two Secretaries, a Faculty Master, and Student Office assistants.

Last Updated: 7/18/14