2012 Points Standings Final

  • Digman Hall 29700
  • Rafuse Hall 15550
  • Champlain Hall 7850
  • Whitney Hall 1850





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Green Games

“Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”   

 World Commission on Environment and Development. (1987). Our Common Future. England: Oxford University Press.


Purpose – To provide a focus on educational awareness and implementation of Sustainable Efforts while including a sense of competition through participation and events.

Object – To obtain as many points as possible during a 3 month period through creating programs both active and passive, as well as participate in other sustainable efforts such as community service on/off campus, and finally through attendance at these efforts.

Process – Each hall will have a Captain – “Sustainable Director” – this person has been selected by the hall to meet with the Assistant Director of Residential Life for Dickinson Community and Green Games Director to help communicate with the hall, help with the implementation of the programs, and be collector of program proposals and evaluations.  These forms would be turned in to the Green Games Director who will be responsible for compiling results and communicating it to the community of standings as regular as possible.

Sustainable Directors will be selected from each hall who are neither a Resident Assistant or an elected officer to help coordinate efforts for their halls to work towards obtaining points for their hall.  It would require a couple of training meetings in the Fall and Spring Semester.


Time – Program will start the February 18 and will end April 22 – Earth Day 

Reward –        1) Hall Name Engraved on Plaque

                        2)  Sustainable gift for all members of the hall

                        3)  Hall Party

                        4)  An appreciation to helping our future students enjoy a better Dickinson

Who Can Participate – Any and all efforts by any student or staff member of the hall

Process:  To receive points, students/staff must fill out application and submit to Sustainable Director at least 5 business days prior to activity for approval.  Upon completion of activity, the evaluation report must be completed, attendance sheet if applicable, and pictures of program, event, or project must be supplied.

Hall receives points according to the following bracket system:


Green Games Point System - Click Here


Hall Kickoff Event – Event must be done during the first two weeks of the contest.  Event must be an all hall event that kicks off your hall’s campaign to educate students on sustainability.  It must have a feel of hall effort in providing the kickoff and must have at least 20 people present.  Hall Kick-off event must be completed by February 5th, 2011.

Passive Program – Hall can receive points for every bulletin board that provides an educational campaign for the residents of the hall in regards to Sustainability and What Students Can Do.  No two bulletin boards can be identical to receive multiple points.  Flyers, Bathroom Talk and info boards may also be used for passive programming. In addition, a photo of each passive program must be submitted along with the evaluation form for point approval.

Active Program – Hall can receive points for every active event that provides a focus on sustainability.  Each event must be different.  Event proposal must be submitted to the Green Games Director no later than 7 days before the program is to occur.  In addition, a photo of each active event must be submitted along with the evaluation form for point approval.

Community Service Project – Hall must create and implement and/or join an already existing a community service project.  Each project must be at least 2 hours long.

Participation Points – Yes it is easy to gain points for event, but here is where the hall that wins will pull ahead.  Buildings receive points for every person that attends the kickoff event or events planned by the Assistant Director, Faculty Master or Green Games Director.  Provide a copy of the attendance sheet for the points.

Inter-hall efforts – Double points will be awarded for event collaboration with your sister building.

Educational Movie Nights - Movies can only come from http://greenplanetfilms.org/index.php?cPath=138. The Story of Stuff is also an approved movie for the Hall. No other movies may be used for events due to Copyrighting Laws.



Click Here to See Results of the Broome County Legislature Green Inititiative Award Program

Green Games 2011 Points System



(5000 pts)




(4000 pts)



(2000 pts)






(500 pts)


Attendance Events


·Bringing in a Professor or Faculty member from campus.


·Bringing in Professional from the University


·Bringing in a Professional from outside the University.


·Community Service Events Off Campus


·Community Service events on campus outside of Dickinson Community


·Working with any campus organizations on community Service/Green Projects.


·Bringing students to other campus group’s events centered around the environment (I.e: Frack Action, Friends of the Nature Preserve, etc)


·Any game events such as trivia, jeopardy, etc.


·Community Service events within Dickinson Community.


·Any craft events such as planting flowers, making reusable bags, etc.


·Tours of the Nature Preserve.



·Sustainability Socials


·Energy Conservation events (turning off lights, recycling events, etc.)


·Movie nights*


·All Passive events such as bulletin boards, flyers, etc.


·Attendance at educational/community service events planned by Faculty Master, Area Director or Green Games Director.

(100 pts per person in attendance)


·Attendance at Kick-Off Events.

(50 points per person)


* Note: Movies can only come from http://greenplanetfilms.org/index.php?cPath=138

* *Double point values will be awarded for collaboration between sister buildings.

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