Achieving Leadership in Volunteer Experiences

Hinman's ALIVE program is central to the spirit of the community. Community Service and Leadership are area specific themes in the college, and are integrated into the majority of Hinman traditions, making them not only fun, but also focused. Hinman is the only community with this emphasis- not as a requirement, but as a challenge and opportunity to be active and involved. Hinman's ALIVE program is about personal growth, civic engagement, exploring new opportunities, and experiential learning.

Get involved with hall and community government

Hinman is a community filled with passionate students looking to participate in community service, and actively encourage each other. It has ambitious residents that become leaders in Hinman, the university, and the greater community. The opportunities offered to the residents of Hinman are endless and extremely valuable. Hinman College Council (HCC) provides many of these opportunities and experiences. This Council is a large, friendly, and supportive group for emerging leaders within the hall and overall college. Students can run for positions of: President, Vice President of Public Affairs, Financial Vice President, Social Vice President, Academic Vice President, and Vice President of Service and Leadership.

Hinman's ALIVE program actively partners with the University's Center for Civic Engagement, which provides information about service opportunities on campus and in the community. Hinman also has an ALIVE points program run by the Service and Leadership Vice President of Hinman College Council in order to reward students consistently participating in community service projects.

Through academic courses, workshops, field trips, group projects, social activities, and events sponsored by Hinman RAs and Hinman student government, Hinman students in the ALIVE program will:

  • Become actively engaged in community service and volunteer activities
  • Make friends with students with similar interests and goals
  • Go off campus to access the resources of the Binghamton community
  • Develop connections with community organizations and agencies
  • Heighten their awareness of cultural and social diversity within society
  • Deepen their understanding of systemic issues and human needs within the greater
  • Binghamton community
  • Apply learning and academic course work to service and experience
  • Discover leadership opportunities within Hinman and the larger University
  • Be motivated and empowered with the skills they need to step up into leadership roles
  • Increase their dedication to responsible living and exemplary service to society


Hinman's ALIVE program is all about personal growth, civic engagement, and experiential learning - "learning by doing," stretching yourself, exploring new opportunities. You can...

Sign up for Hinman's Public Service Learning Community in Hughes Hall

Live on a floor with others who are dedicated to making a difference through civic-engagement courses and active volunteer service in the Binghamton community. Indicate your interest by checking the box for the Public Service LC when you go on-line to express your housing preference for Hinman College.

Take Hinman-based classes that include service learning

In WRIT 111, Literacies of Power, volunteer one hour each week at a local elementary school. In HDEV 106, Practicum in Leadership and Community Service, engage with the local community through field trips and organized volunteer activities. In HDEV 105, College Students in Transition, participate in service learning. Take PAFF 225, Foundations of Civic Engagement. Take any of these courses to be a part of a supportive community of active first-year Hinman students.

Hinman Alive


"From what we get, we can make a living;
what we give, however, makes a life."  
 Arthur Ashe


Last Updated: 7/18/14