Dorm Wars and Hysteria

Imagine cheers and chants and a rainbow of brightly colored T-shirts, banners hung from treetops, and your best friends shouting your name as you run across the finish line. These are just a few of the things you will see and experience during our semester traditions, Dorm Wars and Hysteria.

Dorm Wars and Hysteria are two beloved and spirit-filled Hinman traditions. The games last a short time, but the memories and friendships made throughout last a lifetime. The activities involve athletic, intellectual, and/or artistic skills, and all Hinman residents are encouraged to participate. Would you love to shoot hoops? Design a banner? Participate in a scavenger hunt? Write a team song? Choreograph a skit? Hula-hoop? No matter your passion, there are so many ways to participate, lead, and create life-long memories during Dorm Wars and Hysteria.

Dorm Wars, our Fall tradition takes place over a weekend, while Hysteria, our Spring tradition is a full week of competitive activities. Both traditions feature Event's Day—a full Saturday afternoon of camp-style games, including tug of war, relay races, a food eating contest, and a scavenger hunt. The games conclude Saturday evening with creative hall songs, hilarious skits, and a fun-filled lip syncing competition. Students sing, dance, cartwheel, split, slide, and skip their way through this much-anticipated event! Afterwards, students from all halls represent a rainbow of Hinman spirit and pride, as all students dance together as the results are tabulated. When the winning hall is announced, you can bet that cheers and chants can be heard from the top of the Hinman Hill to the Quad!

Hinman College Council members participate in choosing the semester's theme and organizing the events. Past themes have included "Hinman's Got Milk", "Hinman the Movie", "Legends of the Hinman Temple", and "Hinman Goes to Hogwarts". Whether dressing as wizards or cereal characters, Hinman residents are full of hall spirit and Hinman pride throughout the events.

Catch the Hinman spirit! Get involved with Hinman College Council, the Hysteria committee, or participate in any of the fun-filled Dorm Wars and Hysteria events.

Student-Faculty Connect Dinner

The annual Student-Faculty Connect Dinner is an event planned by the Academic Vice President of Hinman College Council. This provides an opportunity for students and faculty to meet and enjoy a great meal together. It allows them to connect outside of the classroom. Hinman College contributes to the open and enjoyable campus atmosphere by connecting students and faculty members through this dinner.

Theme Week

Theme week is a week-long series of events planned by the RA's and centered around a theme that changes each year such as natural resources, the mind, public health, etc. Theme week encompasses Hinman's focus on community service, and has a banquet at the end of the week to benefit an organization relating to the theme. This week truly exemplifies how Hinman residents want to be involved and demonstrate service and leadership.

Last Updated: 6/16/15