Newing Professional Staff and Contacts

Newing's friendly and welcoming staff are always here for students, even for a quick hello!

Newing College has experienced and trained staff to help you navigate your college experience. The great staff that are here to help range from AD's (Assistant Directors), RD's (Resident Directors), ARC's (Assistant Resident Coordinators), RA's (Resident Assistants), Faculty Master, and secretaries, who will help assist you with your problems and in answering your questions....

Assistant Director 


Deana Kalcich, Assistant Director of Residential Life for Newing College

Deana is the Assistant Director of Newing college. Prior to her work in Newing Deana was a Resident Director in the Dickinson Community for two years in Rafuse Hall helping residents to think critically about issues such as mental health stigma, LGBTQ advocacy and using social media as a change agent.

Deana loves getting to know student leaders and helping them reach their goals. She is an avid reader and a nerd wannabe. She specializes in knowing really random bits of information that change the way people approach their time, work, and creative pursuits.


Faculty Master 


Mark Reisinger, Faculty Master of Newing College & Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Geography.

Mark is an Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Geography at Binghamton University. Prior to his appointment as Faculty Master of Newing College, Mark was the Faculty Master of the Apartment Communities for two and a half years. One of Mark's passions is advising and mentoring students. He is very proud of the fact that he has mentored five Chancellor Award for Student Excellence winners over the past several years. Mark is very involved on campus serving as Chair of the University's Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, and Chair of the China International Education Advisory Council. He Co-Chaired the University's Online Learning Task Force, is a Steering Committee member for the Institute for Asia and Asian Diasporas, and serves on the University's Orientation Vision Team.

As far as personal interests are concerned, they are centered on four areas. First, Mark has a real passion for cycling, logging many thousands of miles a year. He also enjoys watching bicycle races such as the Tour de France. Over the past several years Mark has become an avid soccer fan. Mark is also a big fan of old movies, especially film-noir. He is one of those people that believe that the only good movies are black and white movies. Finally, Mark enjoys travelling. He has visited every state in the U.S. (except Hawaii), every province in Canada, Africa, Europe, and China.


Bingham Hall

Adam Palmatier,
Resident Direct

Hey Newing! My name is Adam and this is my second year at Binghamton. I did my undergrad and grad work at nearby Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. I grew up just 30-40 minutes south of here in the small town of New Milford, PA. I'm big into sports - Syracuse and New York Knicks Basketball, Atlanta Braves Baseball, and Dallas Cowboys Football. Aside from sports, I love to travel, watch movies, and live the dream!



Brittany Platin, 
Assistant Residential Coordinator 


Broome Hall


Caitlin Trosko, Resident Director

Hello everyone! My name is Caitlin Trosko and I am in my third year as a Resident Director here at Binghamton. I was an RD in Cayuga Hall in College-in-the-Woods for two years and moved over to Newing in June 2014. I obtained my B.S. from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI. I completed my M.Ed. through Northeastern University in Boston, MA. My hobbies include shopping, going to the movies, seeing friends, travelling, and eating at the various restaurants in Binghamton. Please feel free to stop by my office. I look forward to meeting you!
Office number: 607-777-5273



Kaila Pfister, 
Assistant Residential Coordinator

Hello Newing! My name is Kaila, and this is my second year as an Assistant Resident Coordinator in Broome Hall. Previously, I was a RA in Dickinson Community and completed my undergrad in history here at Binghamton University.  Now, I'm on the way to earning my Masters in Public Administration and hopefully working with a nonprofit in the future. I'm from Rockaway in Queens, NY and really enjoy cooking, scrapbooking, and biking. I'd love to meet you! Please stop by my office anytime. Email:

Delaware Hall


Lori Etheridge, Resident Director




Sarah Bull,
Assistant Residential Coordinator

I am very excited to continue my Binghamton Residential Life experience in Delaware Hall! Before I became a member of the Newing family, I graduated from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Elementary & Special Education. One of my real passions during college was competing for the MU track and feild team as a javelin thrower. After graduation, I taught high school algebra for a summer as a long term substitute teacher. My hobbies involve the outdoors: biking, hiking, water skiing, basketball and shooting sporting clays. Please feel free to stop by my office. I look forward to meeting you! Email:




Endicott Hall


 Khelan Todd, Resident Director




Alexandrea Roland,
Assistant Residential Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Alex, and I am a first year ARC in Endicott Hall. I completed my undergraduate degree from Binghamton University in May 2013. I earned a B.S. in Philosophy, Politics, and Law. During my four years as an undergrad I played on the Binghamton University Volleyball team.  In Fall of 2013 I will be attending the Student Affairs Administration Master program at Binghamton.  I enjoy watching movies, and TV shows, fishing and horseback riding, and listening to music. I'm from Austin, Texas and love eating spicy food! I am excited to be a part of Newing this year! Stop by my office, or e-mail me at




Annette Cobb


Annetta Cobb can help you in answering questions about where you live, room damages, keys, etc. Annette replaces lost keys, hands out mailbox combinations, as well as many other things. Annette can be found in the Newing College Office open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. She can be reached at (607) 777-2864. Newing College Office is located in Champlain-Chenango Collegiate Center in Newing College. Email:


Department Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Newing College Office
Binghamton University
P.O. Box 6000
Binghamton, NY 13902

Phone: 607.777.2864
Fax: 607.777.6296


The Newing College Office is located in the Champlain-Chenango Collegiate Center on the Newing side of the building.

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