Campus Mail Service

The Campus Mail Service is staffed and operated by University personnel to handle incoming and outgoing mail. The Campus Mail Service sells postage and postcards, distributes student packages, and offers express services. Since the Campus Mail Service is not an official branch of U.S. Post Office, some outgoing mail services (i.e., registered mail, overseas parcels and money orders) are not offered. You are assigned a campus mailbox to which mail is sent. These mailboxes, which you may share with one or two other students, are located centrally in each residential college or community.

Mail is delivered to the boxes once each day Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and University vacation periods. The Campus Mail Service will e-mail you at your BU email address if you receive a package, certified mail, express mail or COD mail. Mail of this nature can be claimed by taking your University ID to the Campus Mail service during window hours

First-class outgoing mail (with postage affixed) may be placed in the mail slot provided in each of the residential college or community student mailbox areas. UPS, Fed Ex, etc., packages for students are delivered to the Campus Mail Service, not the residential halls or houses. 

As a reminder to parents, when addressing mail to your son or daughter at Binghamton University, be sure to include both the campus box number and the PO box number. Example as follows: 

Student's Name
Student's BU Box number(e.g.,8023)
PO Box 6020
Binghamton, NY 13902

For shipping companies that do not deliver to PO Boxes:

Student's Name
Student's BU Box number
(e.g., 8023)
4400 Vestal Parkway East

Binghamton, NY 13902

Campus boxes numbers are typically available online from Residential Life at the time students' building assignments are made available (typically August for Fall enrollment or January for Spring). Due to campus occupancy, your box may be shared.

For further information, call the Campus Mail Service at 607-777-2914.

Last Updated: 10/16/13