Our Communities

At Binghamton, our residential communities help students connect with friends and have fun while learning. Whether it's waking up to co-rec football on Saturday or joining friends for a study group in the lounge, our students make connections in all of our halls! Each of our six residential communities has their own personality:


College-in-the-Woods, referred to as CIW, is made up of five buildings housing 1,300+ residents in both suite style and traditional corridor style living. CIW is known for their traditions including Woods Olympics, Woods Jam, Woodstock, Casino-in-the Woods, co-rec football and Mr. CIW. Special community features include classrooms in the residence halls and tutorial services through the Center of Academic Excellence. Their Big Idea is Feeding a Hungry World and Hungry Minds.

Dickinson Community

Dickinson Community — "the Original Community" — is the birthplace of the residential collegiate system at Binghamton University. It was the first area built and became a model for all the others. In fall 2013 Dickinson moved from its original six residence halls to four new halls housing 1,500 students. But their traditions remain the same: Mutant Mania, Dickinson Day, co-rec football, open mic night and semi-formal. Dickinson's learning communities include Computer, Robotics and Engineering (CoRE) and business development/entrepreneurship. Their Big Idea is Business & Entrepreneurship Development.

Hinman College

Hinman College, the founders of co-rec football, is made up of five centrally located suite-style buildings, housing an average of 200 residents each. Their traditions are Dorm Wars, Hysteria, Student-faculty connect dinner, Dynamo and Cirrus. Living learning in Hinman includes Achieving Leadership in Volunteer Experiences (ALIVE) and public service. Hinman also offers an entire hall for 24-hour quiet living.

Mountainview College

Mountainview College houses a little over 1,200 students in four suite-style halls. Their community traditions include, King of the Mountain, Salamander Days, Ace Of Cupcakes, the Great Debate, semi-formal and a faculty-student dinner. Nursing and engineering living learning communities are housed in Mountainview. And their Big Idea is the Binghamton History Project.

Newing College

One of our newest communities completed for fall 2011, Newing College features four corridor-style air-conditioned buildings home to more than 1,500 students, and a brand-new collegiate center. Traditions include Autumn Bowl, Newing Navy, co-rec football, semi-formal and Breakfast by Moonlight. The Binghamton University Scholars call Newing home, as well as living learning environments for global engagement, education and leadership. Their Big Idea is Global Engagement. 

Apartment Communities

Upperclassmen and non-traditional-aged freshman students have the option of signing up for one of our apartment-style communities, Hillside and Susquehanna. Hillside offers four- and six-person apartments with single rooms. Susquehanna, a 24-hour quiet community, offers two- and four-person apartments with single rooms, as well as family housing. Nursing and transfer students live and learn here. Their traditions include Hillfest, Havoc, Thanksgiving dinner and a hot tub party, and the apartments' Big Idea is a Community of Peace.

Last Updated: 7/18/14