image of candidate shaking hands with interviewer

Your Campus Interview: AD

Sample Itinerary for Assistant Director Interviews

This schedule is included to give AD candidates an idea of how their visit will be structured. An individualized copy, including the names of the interviewers, is given to each candidate upon arrival to campus.

Day One

5pm Arrive to campus and meet host
5:30pm      Dinner and tour of Binghamton area
7:30pm Interview with RAs and student leaders

Day Two

9:30am Breakfast with Faculty Master
10:30am Interview with live-in staff members
11:15am Interview with Assistant Directors & Central Office Staff
noon Lunch and tour of of campus
1:30pm      Interview with Director of Residential Life
2:00pm Interview with Support Staff
2:30om Interview with AD Search Committee members
3:15pm Interview with Associate Director for Staff & Marketing
3:45pm Wrap up

Last Updated: 7/18/14