Special living options

Break housing is a great option for international students, athletes, out-of-state students, working students and others who need to remain on campus during breaks when residence halls close.

Chemical-free lifestyle residents agree to abstain from use of alcohol or drugs on- or off- campus.

Quiet living lifestyle residents agree to a quiet environment conducive to sleep and study.

Gender-inclusive housing allows for students across the gender spectrum to live together.

Living styles

Binghamton's Residential Life program offers a variety of living styles and options, including traditional corridor-style rooms, suites and apartments.

Newing College

Newing College is a corridor-style community featuring semi-private gender-specific bathrooms assigned to and shared by every three rooms.


College-in-the-Woods residence hall floors vary, but generally have eight double rooms and two suites per floor. On any given floor, the double rooms will be either male or female, with the suites housing the opposite gender. Residents living in double rooms share a common bathroom (with individual showers), and students in suite-style rooms share a suite bathroom and common lounge.

Dickinson Community

The all-new Dickinson Community offers two, three or four bedroom "flats" that share a bathroom. There is also one hall which offers eight designed triple rooms with their own bathroom.

Suite Communities: Hinman College, Mountainview College, and (some) College-in-the-Woods

A suite is like an apartment, housing four to six students and consisting of two or three bedrooms, a lounge, and a bathroom with a stall shower.

Suites within College-in-the-Woods are limited and consist of two or three-bedroom suites. The two-bedroom suites consist of:

1) the resident assistant (RA) suite with one single bedroom for the RA and one double bedroom for freshmen; and

2) the five-person suite with one double bedroom and one designed triple bedroom. A three-bedroom suite, which houses six individuals in three double bedrooms, is also available.

A typical floor in CIW may consist of eight double rooms and two suites. On any given floor, the double rooms will house one gender and the suites will be the opposite gender.

Hinman College consists of four- and six-person suites. The two-bedroom suites house four students, and the three-bedroom suites house six students, all in double rooms. In thirty of the suites throughout Hinman, one of the bedrooms is occupied by the resident assistant as a single. These suites are reserved for freshmen. All floors in Hinman are co-ed, with male and female suites located on each corridor.

Mountainvew College consists of four- and six-person suites, all in double rooms. The two-bedroom suites house four students, and the three-bedroom suites house six students, all in double rooms. There is also one designed triple room on each floor in Mountainview. All floors in Mountainview are co-ed by floor.

Apartment Housing

Students who want the convenience of on-campus living without sacrificing the independence and privacy of apartment dwelling will find the advantages of both combined in our apartment community.

Both the Hillside and Susquehanna apartment complexes are open for all recesses during the academic year. Susquehanna Community is open during the summer for those residing in the community during the academic year. Housing in Hillside is available for students attending summer school. There is an additional fee for summer housing. Whenever possible, you will be housed during the summer in the apartment assigned to you for the fall semester.

In addition to the resident assistants, student affairs professional staff are associated with the apartment communities. Each community has its own on-site community director. An assistant director of the apartment communities has overall administrative responsibilities for both of the apartment communities.

Each apartment community has a council composed of students and staff members with officers and representatives elected by residents of the area.

Residents of Hillside and the Susquehanna Community are not required to contract for a meal program, but they may opt to do so from the University's dining services vendor.

Last Updated: 7/18/14