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A new semester — a fresh start!

You've loaded the car with winter clothing and sent your student back to their home away from home.  While it will be exciting for them to connect with roommates and friends again, they're sure to be thinking about getting a fresh start with the new semester.  One of the best parts of living on campus is having access to resources to help them start the spring semester off strong.  Some areas to consider are:


If there are "issues" from last semester, it's important for your student to set up new ground rules with roommates, or, if they have a new roommate, to start with open and honest communication.  Resident Assistants will be encouraging new roommate pairs to fill out roommate agreememnt forms and are available to help returning roommates re-evaluate the ones they completed last fall.


Maybe your student realized that they spent more time socializing than studying last semester.  If your student's grades were lower than they had hoped, encourage them to speak with an RA or their Faculty Master for tips to help them be successful.  They can even find ways of becoming involved in a campus organization, job or internship that enables them to socialize while not losing sight of their academics!


Returning spring semester is often a time when students revisit goals with regard to their education.  Does your student need to declare a major or plan for graduate school?  The Career Development Center is a great resource!

Setting up a time to meet with the Faculty Master, who has an office in their residential college might be a good place to get direction about study tips or choosing a major.  

Healthy Lifestyle

Adjusting to campus dining after living at home can be a transition.  Students who need help making healthy choices or have discovered dietary concerns, can meet with a dietician on campus.  Students can also make sure of Campus Recreation to work out, take classes, get personal training or join a club or intramural sport.  Thses are great ways to relieve stress, keep healthy in college, socialize and have fun!  Encourage your student to also maintain good sleep and study habits; this will go a long way in helping them stay well.

As your student moves into this new semester, remember to be a support from the sidelines.  Encouraging them to take responsibility for focusing on the spring semester is important for their growth and success.  However, knowing that family is there to listen and support them is key to their success!

Last Updated: 7/18/14