moving out
Packing up and moving out!

With the semester ending, we’re sure you’ll be glad to have your student home over the summer. Remind them, they should plan to move out by Thursday, May 18 at 11:00 a.m. If you’re unable to pick them up by that time, please try to make other arrangements. Many students choose to move their belongings out the previous weekend and then take a bus or get a ride home before our halls close. For seniors and students assisting with commencement activities, late stay requests are taken here.

Whether they’re graduating and moving on or returning in the fall, your student has probably accumulated more “stuff” than they came with. Here are some suggestions that may make the load easier to bear:

  • Encourage your student to come home sometime in the next couple of weeks with their winter clothes and books from last semester.
  • Text books can be gifted to other students or sold online.
  • Large personal items that your student doesn’t want (like TVs, furniture, rugs, etc.) can be gifted to friends, other students or their building staff.
  • Our Center for Civic Engagement holds a “Ditch the Dumpster” drive to collect unwanted clothing, books and non-perishable food to distribute to local organizations. Find more info here.

Have a wonderful summer!

Last Updated: 4/26/17