The Resident Assistant

                 Selection Committee

     RAS 1      
From left to right :

Sarah Hathaway, Resident Director - Mountainview College

Alyssa Napolitano, Assistant Resident Coordinator - Hinman College

Josue Quinones, Resident Director - Hinman College

Ryan Roosa, Resident Director - Mountainview College

Wimer Alberto, Resident Director - Newing College

Kristin Calegari, AD Mentor, Assistant Director of Residential Life

Caitlin Trosko, Chair, Resident Director - College-In-The-Woods


From left to right :

Hayley Dicken, Resident Assistant - College-In-The-Woods

Heather Bergling, Assistant Community Director - Hillside Comunity

Deirdre Rocklein, Assistant Resident Coordinator - Dickinson Community

Bryan Gitto, Resident Assistant - Dickinson Community

Last Updated: 7/18/14