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Welcome Back Crew 2013

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Welcome Back Crew for Fall Opening 2013.  Before you complete the application and go through the process, we would like you to know some of the basic information about this exciting and fun opportunity!  Here are the FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) about WBW Crew: 

What are the benefits of being on the Crew?

You get to move in before everyone else!!  You get to avoid the rush and enjoy moving in at your own pace.  You also get a T-shirt and paid $7.25 an hour for the hours worked during check in times (schedule below)!  Not to mention, you get to meet all of the new residents of your building and get to tell them the real scoop about living on campus at Binghamton University!  It’s not a demanding job, but good experience for anyone looking to get involved in the campus and community. 

When do I have to be back for Welcome Back Weekend Crew?

This year Residential Life is expanding the Welcome Back Crew program in order to provide service for more students and parents as they arrive on campus.  We are looking for 22 people to return as Early Arrival Crew, who will arrive on Friday, August 16 and start working that evening.  There will also be Orientation crew who will arrive on the evening of Monday, August 19 to assist with Orientation move in on Tuesday, August 20.  Finally, our regular crew members and traffic controllers will arrive on Wednesday, August 21 to help with new and returning student move in on Thursday and Friday, August 22 and 23.  The exact schedule of work hours for each position is listed below. 

Can I only work certain days?

You will be able to preference what dates you would prefer to work as a luggage carrier.  We will do our best to honor preferences, but cannot guarantee that we can meet all. 

What do Crew members do?

Crew members are the backbone of Welcome Back Weekend.  They help with all kinds of things such as helping move new people in, helping round up new students to attend programs, and facilitating events like campus tours, co-rec volleyball, etc. This is an especially important position as Crew really help to develop a sense of community within the halls from day one!

What are the expectations?

It is expected that Crew members are available throughout the weekend to help out with events and activities (either facilitating or helping with set-up/clean-up).  Also, all Crew members must be available for the hours they are scheduled to work in order to help with the move-in process.  There may be meetings each morning to make sure that folks are up and around, as well as sure about their assignments for the day. 

So what do I have to do to apply?

The first step to becoming a Crew member is to fill out the application.  First priority will be given to those applications received by 5:00pm on April 19th, although we will be accepting applications on a rolling-basis.  You may be contacted for a brief interview to discuss your application and interest.  All applicants will be notified of their status by May 10 to their BU email address. 

How many people get picked for Crew?

We attempt to have all residence halls staffed with Welcome Back Crew.  It is also possible that you may not be assigned to the hall you will be living in, although it is our goal for you to meet people that you will be living with.  We hope to have enough people cover this number and alternates in case someone cannot come back after all.  We find that many people’s plans change in the summer and use several alternates by opening day.

Expected Work Dates and Hours:

  • Early Arrival Luggage Carriers- Friday, August 16 from 8pm-3am (shift schedule); Saturday through Monday, August 17-19 from 10am- 6pm
  • Orientation Luggage Carriers- Tuesday, August 20 from 8am-noon; Wednesday, August 21- 8am-6pm (shift work); Thursday and Friday, August 22-23 8am-6pm
  • New Student Luggage Carriers THURSDAY ONLY- August 22 8am-6pm
  • New Student Luggage Carriers- Thursday and Friday, August 22-23- 8am-6pm

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