Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interviewing for current vacancies?

Vacancies will be announced in the Fall.

What is the remuneration?

- the ARC/ACDs will receive a board plan and a furnished 2-bedroom apartment for the academic year (includes free laundry facilities, free cable, free local and long-distance phone and free high-speed internet) at a value of more than $10,000.  They will also be paid an hourly rate for 10 hours/week up to $2,750 for the year.  The work commitment for this position is approximately 25 hrs/week.  Tuition scholarships may be available.

Will you be interviewing at any conferences?

Conference information schedule coming soon.

What if I don't go to a conference - will I still be considered?

Qualified candidates who are not interviewed at conference will be contacted by the screening committee to schedule a phone or video conference interview.

What is your domestic partnership policy?

ARC/ACDs, RDs and CDs may have their domestic partner and any dependents live with them in their apartment, as well as qualify for medical benefits.

Do you have a pet policy?

Only small fish are allowed in 20 gallon or less tanks.  Pets are not allowed inside the hall for visits for any period of time.  The only exceptions are certified work dogs and simian aids for individuals with disabilities.

Are there opportunities for summer employment?

If RDs are interested in summer positions they can apply for one of the 5 office or 2 conference positions with Residential Life.  Other offices on campus (such as Orientation, Upward Bound, and the Education Opportunity Program) also offer summer employment opportunities.

What is your interview process and timeline?

For the graduate-level positions: After screening resumes, candidates are invited to participate in a group campus interview.  Qualifications will then be reviewed and offers will be extended.  Those applications received after the interview day will be considered for phone interviews as vacancies occur.

For professional staff positions: After screening resumes, the committee coordinates an initial phone or conference interview with the candidate.  After a successful first interview and reference checks, invitations for a campus interview are extended.  The committee then reviews the candidate's file and makes a recommendation to the Director of Residential Life.  Upon her positive review of the file, offers are extended to join the Binghamton team.

Because Binghamton does not have a "term limit," (i.e. some schools institute a 2 year limit for their RDs) our process can be lengthy as we wait until staff have secured new positions before hiring their replacement.  Campus interviews will begin in April and continue until all positions are filled.  With 3-5 anticipated openings, we will be interviewing and hiring through July.

What is the anticipated start date?

The start date for Assistant Residential Coordinators, Resident Directors and Assistant Community Directors is August 1.

What is your travel reimbursement policy?

We do not reimburse for the graduate-level interview process.

For RD applicants, travel reimbursements are processed if we offer a position and it is accepted, or if we do not offer a position.  If an offer is not accepted, or the candidate withdraws from our process, we do not reimburse for travel.

If the RD candidate drives, takes the bus or flies into an airport other than Binghamton, we will reimburse up to $350 of travel expenses. If the candidate flies into Binghamton airport, we will reimburse up to $500 of travel expenses.



Last Updated: 10/20/15