IFR Accounting

Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) accounts are self-sustaining accounts that support activities related to the campus' mission. These accounts have clear and defined income/expenditure relationships. IFR accounts are unique in their ability to carry forward cash balances from one fiscal year to the next. An IFR account typically has one purpose and one continuous revenue source. Each IFR account should maintain a positive cash balance. The expenses charged to the account should be covered by the revenue which the account generates.

There are three types of Income Fund Reimbursable accounts on campus:

1. General Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR)

2. State University Tuition Reimbursable Account (SUTRA)

a. These accounts were established to provide the ability to retain a limited amount of tuition revenue generated in excess of targeted levels and create entrepreneurial incentives for campuses to expand enrollment and programs.

3. Dormitory Income Fund Reimbursable (DIFR)

IFR, SUTRA, and DIFR fund sources operate in a manner similar to that of a checking account. Revenue is deposited into the account and expenditures are processed from the account in accordance with the purpose of the account as stated when it was established. All deposits to campus IFR accounts are processed through the Student Accounts office and are credited to individual units by the Revenue Accounting office. Access the Campus Account Policy for more information.

Revenue Adjustments

Occasionally deposits are receipted into the wrong IFR or SUTRA fund source. Revenue adjustments are used to move a previously posted revenue entry from one account to another. They can potentially affect several accounts and may occur months after the initial deposit. When moving revenue from one account to another the overhead assessment follows the adjustment. Questions pertaining to incorrectly posted deposits or revenue adjustments should be directed to Revenue Accounting.

 Balance Transfers

If the account purpose allows, available cash balance may be transferred to other accounts within the same fund (IFR to IFR, SUTRA to SUTRA, etc.) to supplement or provide additional funding. When moving cash balance from one account to another the overhead assessment remains in the account where the originating revenue was posted. Balance transfers are not permitted on chargeback accounts. The balance in the originating account (the account from which the funds will be drawn) must be sufficient to absorb the transfer.

 To request a revenue adjustment or balance transfer, complete the form below in its entirety and email to revenue@binghamton.edu. Staff responsible for managing the originating account must be copied on the email request.

Revenue Transfer Request Form

Last Updated: 1/27/17