Binghamton University is committed to operating with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies.  All employees are responsible for maintaining high ethical standards. They have a responsibility to understand, respect, and follow federal, state, and local laws as well as all university policies and procedures applicable to their jobs. Compliance is not a new responsibility for anyone – it is central to how we do our work.

Different departments are responsible for monitoring compliance with applicable laws and regulations, each operating as the subject matter expert for their area.  Accountability and stewardship standards undergo constant change and the RMAC and Internal Control Offices are charged with creating an institutional compliance program to coordinate, monitor, and improve the compliance function to meet those standards.  Risk management, internal control and compliance are all inter-related through policy and define the framework for an overarching program representing the University's commitment to fulfilling its responsibilities in an environment based upon ethical behavior and compliance with applicable laws and rules.   

Various State and Federal laws, as well as SUNY Policies, require that SUNY campuses designate an employee to fill a particular compliance function/ responsibility.  See Compliance Roles for specific assignments on our campus.  General contact information is found below:

 Contacts  For Concerns Regarding:
 Phone (607)
  Compliance - General 
Risk Management &
Administrative Compliance
  Confidential Recycling
     - Paper Records
     - Electronic/Digital 
  Physical Facilities
  Disciplinary Issues
  Human Resources

  Labor Relations

  EEO/Diversity Issues
  Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  Environmental Health & Safety
 Environmental Health & Safety
 Export Controls
 Research Foundation based
 Non-RF based
  Fraud/ Irregularities
 Internal Audit  
Risk Management &
Administrative Compliance
  Payment Card Industry    (PCI)
  Business Office
  Research Misconduct
  Research Compliance
  Threats / Physical Violence
  University Police
  Training - Compliance
  University Center for Training & Development


...and Ethics

The University Ethics Officer is Michael McGoff (607-777-2143).  SUNY Policy is located here and questions should be directed to Dr. McGoff.

Last Updated: 10/24/16