Romance Languages and Literatures

The world is at your feet, join us to begin your journey.

Global Profile

Our curriculum spans the globe from Europe to North and South America, Africa to the Caribbean. The timeline of courses in Spanish, Italian, and French stretches from the Middle Ages to the present day through the exploration of literature, linguistics, film and cultural studies. The faculty are some of the best and brightest scholars and instructors in their respective fields, awarding our students with various scholarship opportunities and organizing exciting study abroad programs in destinations around the world.    

Thinking Forward

Graduate students conduct research and take courses in one or more language concentrations: the Master of Arts (French, Italian or Spanish), Master of Arts in Teaching (French or Spanish), and the joint MA/Ph.D in Comparative Literature.

Variations of our unique BA/MA program allow students to receive an accelerated Bachelors and Masters degree in only 5 years, with some students opting for a BA/MBA (Masters in Business Administration), BA/MAT (Combined BA/MAT), or BA/MPA (Masters in Public Administration) that set forward-thinking undergraduates on a path to graduate success.

Last Updated: 11/2/16