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Topics in Spanish Language and Linguistics: The courses taught under this rubric explore topics related to the proficient use of the Spanish language and investigate different aspects of the linguistic discipline, such as formal linguistics and sociolinguistics, which help students master communication. Examples of these courses include syntax, phonetics and phonology, sociolinguistics, contact linguistics, stylistics, discourse analysis and visual analysis.

Topics in Spanish Literature: Study of writer or movement. Subjects to be determined. Recent topics include Hispanic theater, poetry, short fiction, picaresque, metafiction and Golden Age women writers.

Topics in Spanish Culture: Readings and discussion of substantive issues and research in Spanish culture, art and cinema. This course is offered periodically with varying content in order to explore the products, practices and perspectives of Spanish culture.

Topics in Latin American Literature: The courses taught under this rubric explore the creativity and unique value of Latin American literature and provide a window into different countries’ histories, politics, social relations and everyday life. Recent topics include "Latin American Horror Stories," "Latin American Love Stories," "The Literary Boom," "Latin American Short Stories,” "Woman Writers" and “Bang-Bang Theory: Crime and Detective Fiction in Latin America.”

Topics in Latin American Culture: Structured around in-class discussion as well as reading/watching and writing assignments, this course is offered periodically with varying content in order to explore different aspects of Latin American culture, such as social issues, historical processes, political movements, cinema and music trends, the role of the media, etc. Recent topics taught under this rubric include "Social Conflict through Children's Eyes," "Latin American History," "Gender, Class, and Race in Argentine Cinema" and “Caribbean Diaspora in NY.” 

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