Master of Arts

The Master of Arts in French, Italian and Spanish follow a 9 course requirement in two plans. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to seek academic advise early in their planning to ensure sequences that best reflect expectations and future career choices and interests.

The Romance Languages and Literatures Department provides instruction in the French, Italian and Spanish languages and their literatures with the programs leading to the master of arts degree. A candidate for the MA is expected to acquire oral and written proficiency in one Romance language, sound knowledge of the principal aspects of the literature in that language; and familiarity with various methods of scholarship and criticism. An elementary knowledge of a second Romance language and of Latin is desirable.

The master of arts degree in each of the three languages follows a similar structure: nine (9) graduate courses (36 credits). Two of the nine are considered electives, selected with the student's adviser or department graduate director and tailored to the student's needs and future objectives, in closely related subject matter within the general framework of the Master's program. Of the remaining seven courses, the student is immersed in the literature and canon of the language being studied. A parallel program is available whereby one course substitution of a Thesis may be selected. All students are required to take Comprehensive Examinations. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) aptitude test scores are required for admission. The requirements for the MA in French, Italian or Spanish may be satisfied according to Plan A or Plan B described below.

Plan A

Total courses required: 9 (exclusive of 591 and 599)

Textual Analysis, Criticism and Theory - 1 course

Major literature - 6 courses

Electives (in related fields) - 2 courses 

Plan B

Total courses required: 9 (exclusive of 591)

Textual Analysis, Criticism and Theory - 1 course

Major literature - 5 courses

Electives (in related fields) - 2 courses

Master Thesis (599) - 1 course



Last Updated: 8/1/16