Major in Spanish

10 Courses:
Begins at the Intermediate Spanish level (SPAN 211) or above.
A minimum of six (6) courses at the 300- and 400-levels.

A. Required:
SPAN 250* Conversation, Composition & Grammar (emphasis on culture)
SPAN 251 Conversation, Composition & Grammar (emphasis on grammar)
SPAN 344 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
SPAN 360 Hispanic Literature from Middle Ages – 17th Century
SPAN 370 Hispanic Literature from 18th Century – Present
*Note: Native/Heritage Spanish speakers may not take SPAN 250.
Students exempt from SPAN 250 must take three (3) SPAN 200+ courses.

B. Three (3) courses at the 400-level

C. Two (2) to three (3) courses additional courses


- A minimum grade of "C" is required for any course in Spanish applied toward the major and defines "satisfactory performance" in the course.
- Courses from other institutions or Study Abroad, especially at the 400-level, must be approved by student's departmental adviser.
- At least five (5) courses must be taken on campus.
- Three (3) of the 300- and 400-level courses must be taken on campus including at least two (2) 400-level seminars.

Note: Summer Study Abroad courses in the department sponsored Madrid, Spain program are considered "campus" courses.


Professor Salvador J. Fajardo (LT-515)
Phone: (607) 777-2548

Professor Ana Ros (LT-509)
Phone: (607) 777-2548

Professor Antonio Sobejano-Morán (LT-516)
Phone: (607) 777-2548

Professor Chesla Bohinski (LT 505)
Phone: (607) 777-2548

Professor Sandra Casanova-Vizcaino (LT 616)
Phone: (607) 777-2548

Professor Bryan Kirschen (LT 615)


Last Updated: 11/19/15