cropped artwork image:  Miguel de Cervantes’s “Don Quixote“ by Gustave Doré

Short Biography

Salvador J. Fajardo is Professor of Spanish at Binghamton University. He has written books on the French novelist Claude Simon and the Spanish poets Luis Cernuda and Rafael Alberti. The annotated edition of Don Quijote that he prepared with James Parr (UC Riverside) first came out in 1998 and was re-edited in 2002. It has been re-edited and reissued in paperback in 2009. Salvador Fajardo has contributed to and edited various collections of essays on contemporary Spanish poetry and has published a number of articles on Cervantes’ work, and on Don Quijote in particular. In 2011 he will hold the tenth NEH Summer Seminar “Reading Don Quixote.”

Last Updated: 8/1/16