cropped artwork image:  Miguel de Cervantes’s “Don Quixote“ by Gustave Doré

Summer 2011 Applications

Dear Colleague: "Mad I am and mad I must be, until you return with the answer to a letter I mean to send by you to my lady Dulcinea," says Don Quixote to Sancho in the Sierra Morena (Part I, chapter 25). I want to join Don Quixote in his hope of a reply (if not his madness), by urging you to pursue your initial interest in the "Reading Don Quixote" summer seminar.

I would look forward to your joining me in the varied cervantine journeys proposed by the book, as we turn the reading of Don Quixote's and Sancho's adventures into an adventure in reading.

Please do not hesitate to call me at my home --(607)-79708783-- or at my office --(607)-777-4630--, should you have any queries about the seminar or any matter related to it.

Best wishes.

Salvador J. Fajardo


Last Updated: 8/1/16