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The Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging Center (S3IP) was established by Binghamton University in 2003 as part of the University's Strategic Plan to develop multidisciplinary research in key areas at the interface of the disciplines.

The Center was focused on microelectronics, a technology focus with a historic industrial core in the Southern Tier. Building on the successful Integrated Electronics Engineering Center, a NSF State/Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (SIUCRC) since 1991 and a New York State Center of Advanced Technology since 1993, the Center received designation from New York State in 2004 as a High Technology Commercialization Center. The designation came with a $21M capital equipment grant to build infrastructure in the area of small scale systems so as to enable commercialization activities in the Southern Tier and New York state. That award was used to outfit the new Analytical and Diagnostics Laboratories at the Innovative Technologies Complex, the Nanofabrication Laboratory (NLAB) in the Science II Building, and the CAMM Laboratories at Binghamton University's Huron Campus.

In 2005, the Center developed an additional focus in the emerging field of flexible electronics and won a national peer-reviewed contract with $12.5M from the United States Display Consortium (now the Flex Tech Alliance), a non-profit consortium of over 80 display manufacturers, to build a national center, the Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM) for research and development of flexible electronics in a roll-to-roll manufacturing format.

S3IP was designated as a NASA National Center of Excellence in 2005 and received New York state Center of Excellence designation in 2006. The Center has recently added the Center for Autonomous Solar Power (CASP), focusing on new energy production and storage technologies, and the National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center in Energy-Smart Electronic Systems (ES2), developing new dynamic, predictive, and synergistic energy optimization and thermal management design criteria enabling U.S. data centers and electronic systems to operate efficiently and securely

As a Center of Excellence, S3IP answers New York State's call for the development of new Innovation Economy Sectors (commercial sectors competing globally in markets define or enabled by technology) which will be strategic to the state's economy. The Center's focus on the development of new flexible electronics is an emerging target sector that will be complemented by the Center's reputation in traditional electronics packaging and will enable other New York state focus areas such as nanotechnology, the biosciences and new clean technologies. The Center's research programs are technologically enabled, have global competitors, and build upon the vast microelectronic assets across the state.

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