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Photograph of a circuit board.


At S3IP, research is carried out across a number of relevant themes that challenge and enhance our understanding of current small scale systems and open up new opportunities. Current research areas include:

  1. Electronics Packaging
  2. Flexible Electronics
  3. Diagnostic Laboratory
  4. Solar Energy
  5. Green Data Centers
  6. Energy Storage and Harvesting

These have been selected for their technical importance to the field, and their demand for interdisciplinary research in fundamental engineering, physical and life sciences. Each theme also provides opportunities for meaningful industrial partnerships, has the potential for societal impact and innovation, and will attract developing engineers and scientists to the field.

Together, these cutting edge themes provide an area of excellence in microelectronics that will develop new basic sciences understanding of small scale systems, provide the opportunity for national industry to be on the cutting edge of new technologies, and be instrumental in providing graduate and undergraduate students with the cross-disciplinary education needed to train them as intellectual leaders at the interface between engineering, physical science and the life sciences. The Center provides a strong and proven path for commercialization of these research areas into the marketplace. Strongly engaged industrial advisory boards ensure that the fundamental and novel research is tied into industrial technology roadmaps and address eventual manufacturing and product considerations along the development path. The Center’s analytical, testing and manufacturing prototype infrastructure enable collaborative problem solving along the development path.

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Last Updated: 1/28/16