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Photograph of a flexible circuit board.


The Research Foundation of SUNY, State University of New York and Binghamton University’s policies allow for a variety of avenues for S3IP external partners, including CAMM and IEEC Industrial Members, to collaborate with our faculty, staff and students, and also to access our facilities.

  1. CAMM/IEEC Membership
    Companies may be invited to join the CAMM and/or the IEEC as Full Members, Affiliate Members or Participating Members. Membership provides a unique opportunity to share in leading edge electronics manufacturing research and development conducted at the Center. Full Members participate on the CAMM/IEEC Executive Advisory Boards responsible for strategic planning, policy development, and new member recruitment. Full and Affiliate Members participate on the Technical Advisory Boards that influence annual technical project planning, and have a role in selecting projects to be funded as part of a pooled research program. These companies can obtain a royalty-free, nonexclusive license to use results from the pooled research provided they pay the costs of patenting those new technologies. All CAMM and IEEC research is subject to all applicable policies, including SUNY Patents and Inventions Policy.
  2. S3IP Laboratory Facility Usage
    All direct use of the S3IP Laboratories, the “Facilities” (including the Analytical and Diagnostics Laboratory (ADL), the Nanofabrication Laboratory (NLAB), the CAMM Laboratories, and the IEEC Packaging Laboratories) by an individual company is through the External User Program. Under this program, company users apply for equipment time in the Facility. Neither University nor the Research Foundation of SUNY would make any claim to a company’s intellectual property based solely on their use of the facility, provided that the S3IP External User Agreement is signed by the parties prior to such use. These user facilities provide equipment access and staff support on the equipment. It is expected that companies bring their own skilled scientists to work in the Facilities, alongside the University’s technical staff. Under this agreement, users keep the details of their specific projects confidential, and do not ask for assistance in developing intellectual property. No help other than assistance by the Center’s technical support staff will be provided to users utilizing this approach.

    In addition to these Facilities, the University and the Research Foundation have many other user facilities on campus which may be available to users on a fee basis. Further information on these facilities is available by contacting the ADL Lab Manager,
  3. Sponsored Research
    When companies collaborate with Binghamton University faculty and students on specific projects, with the goal of sharing expertise, a sponsored research agreement is recommended. Any new intellectual property developed under these agreements, using Binghamton University facilities, is owned by the Research Foundation of SUNY and the company sponsor is given an option to negotiate an exclusive license to any developed technology.
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Last Updated: 3/31/10