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When a Friend is Using too Much or too Often

Helping a friend who you believe is having a problem with drinking or other drugs is often a tricky situation. Your friend may continually deny that there is a problem or simply refuse to talk about it. Even broaching the subject may be difficult if you and others in his or her circle also use the drug that is at the heart of your friend's problems. You may even avoid the issue because it leads you to questioning your own use. Like we said, it's tricky ... but avoiding a problem seldom works, and confronting the situation is often fruitful. Sometimes all that treatment professionals and counselors can hope for is to plant a seed in the mind of a problem user. So have hope and be a friend to that friend in need - even when they don't see the need.

First let us to point out some behaviors that are may indicate that someone you care about may be experiencing difficulties related to problem use or abuse of a drug. An increase in the occurrence of these behaviors may indicate a problem. If person never did something but has now done it, that's an increase.

If you are unsure about the warning signs or need to discuss the situation please, stop in and see us. We are here to help. If you do decide to talk to your friend here are some guidelines that may be of help.

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Last Updated: 5/20/14