The Binghamton University Master of Social Work (MSW) program was reaccredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) in 2010 for eight years. We are pleased to report that our program met or exceeded all of our benchmarks in our most recent accreditation.

Assessment Data

Student Learning Outcomes

"All CSWE programs measure and report student learning outcomes. Students are assessed on their mastery of the competencies which comprise the accreditation standards of the CSWE. These competencies are dimensions of social work practice which all social workers are expected to master during their professional training. A measurement benchmark is set by the social work programs for each competency. An assessment score at or above that benchmark is considered by the program to represent mastery of that particular competency."

View the results of the Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes for the BInghamton University MSW program.

Licensure Examination Passage Rates

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) requires that master's degree social workers pass the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) master's level examination in order to obtain a license to practice social work (LMSW) in New York State. Students must graduate from a CSWE-accredited MSW program and provide proof of graduation (diploma/transcript) prior to scheduling an appointment to take the examination.

Our benchmark for the first-time passage rate on the ASWB master's level licensure examination (LMSW) is 90%. In 2014, 89% of graduated MSW students (47/53 students) passed the ASWB master's level licensure examination (LMSW) the first time they took it.

In 2014, 100% of graduated MSW students passed the ASWB clinical level licensure examination (LCSW) the first time they took it.

Last Updated: 9/7/16