Guiding others on the road to change

Eva Denson, '91, MSW '11, Social Worker

"Social work is an act of compassion and a commitment to foster change in many aspects of life experiences," says Eva Denson '91, MSW '11.

Her own life experiences brought Eva to social work. She made a commitment to this field after working in two related ones: mental health and human services. In both of these areas, Eva gained critical experience working directly with people from diverse backgrounds.

"Many of these individuals were marginalized by social service agencies and deemed incapable of making or taking responsibility for changes in their lives," Eva explains. "I learned that every human being must be offered the necessary education and exposure to make decisions about the areas of their lives they are willing to change," she adds.

A decision to change her own life brought Eva back to Binghamton University, where she received a bachelor of science degree in human services in 1991.

"I chose the MSW program at Binghamton because of its affordability, location and collaboration with community providers who share common interests, investments and goals," she says. "I quickly developed a strong admiration for the individuals who practice in the field of social work, and the many sacrifices made to assist others in empowering their own lives," she adds.

The most valuable thing Eva learned at Binghamton, she says, was "to apply theory to practice settings." Field placement experiences at CASA/ACCORD, the Family & Children's Society and the Southern Tier Aids Program gave Eva plenty of opportunity to do just that. Given her previous experience in human service and mental health, she was well prepared for the task.

Now, Eva is ready to tackle whatever challenges come her way. After all, change is what social work is all about.

Eva Denson

"I continue to welcome every opportunity to be a social worker and a member of a society that has the ability to create a world of hopeful tomorrows."

Last Updated: 7/6/15