Paving the way for societal change

Sophia Resciniti '00, MSW '06, Clinical Social Worker

"I view it as a privilege and an honor to help others during some of the most profound and private affairs in their lives," says Sophia Resciniti '00, MSW '06.

As clinical social worker and certified trauma therapist, Sophia assists those in crisis, providing individual counseling and facilitating psycho-educational groups. Formerly a therapist in the domestic violence and general counseling programs at the Family & Children's Society, she has also spent time working with those who are at the end of life and their families at Lourdes Hospice. Currently, Sophia has a private counseling practice.

"Every time I help clients empower themselves through individual counseling, group work or social action, I'm implementing change," she explains. "I have the opportunity to help people develop their skills and their ability to use their own resources and those of the community to resolve problems."

She sees change as the social worker's ultimate goal. "Social workers are trained to promote social and economic justice and empowerment, and to eliminate oppressive social conditions," she says.

Sophia is grateful for the foundation she received through the MSW program that enables her to accomplish this work, particularly the real-life experience she acquired. "I cannot stress enough the importance of field placements," she says, "because it is impossible to get the knowledge and experience needed from the classroom alone."

"My field placements were crucial to my education," she adds, "allowing for the issues discussed in the classroom to take shape."

The mother of small children, Sophia elected to pursue her master's of social work degree part-time. "Having night classes available for students like me, I was able to juggle family and academic life successfully," she says.

Sophia Resciniti

"Social workers have the training needed to fight for those who are disenfranchised, to be the voice for those who need to be heard, and to be a catalyst for action and change."

Last Updated: 7/24/14