For over 30 years, we have been distinguished by our emphasis on world-historical studies that cut across disciplinary boundaries.

This has made us one of the most distinctive sociology departments in the world, with faculty expertise on every world region—indeed we have the largest such concentration of any department of our size. We seek to make sense of the astonishingly diverse and deep-seated global processes and movements that transform our lives. Faculty and students alike are engaged worldwide in academic research, publications, and public sociology work, as can be seen if you explore our website.

We have special research strengths in critical study of political economy: hierarchies of class, race and gender; social movements; world-systems analysis; and culture, power and knowledge. We offer our students, drawn from all over the globe, a friendly, supportive and vibrant teaching and research environment.

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Denis O'Hearn being interviewed.

Denis O'Hearn's book on Irish Hunger Striker published in new languages.

Nothing but an Unfinished Song, Denis O'Hearn's social biography of the Irish hunger striker Bobby Sands has just been published in Turkish and a Basque edition is coming out in 1915. O'Hearn was in Istanbul publicizing the book, Yarım Kalmış Bir Şarkı: Bobby Sands, IRA ve Açlık Grevi, in December and January, where he attended several public meetings and had a number of interviews and book reviews for Turkish and Kurdish newspapers and TV stations. The Basque edition, to be published by the leading Basque publisher Txalaparta, was translated by Jurgi Garitagoitia and Aitzol Iriondo, two political prisoners in the French-governed region of the Basque Country.

Besides English, previous editions of O'Hearn's work on Bobby Sands have come out in French and Italian, the latter of which won major international awards including the 2011 Alessandro Tassoni Award and the Seventh International City of Cassino Award "Letterature dal Fronte."

Last Updated: 10/5/15