Ravi A. Palat

Ravi PalatProfessor

Office: LT 417
Office hours as posted or by appointment.
Phone: ext. ext. 7-4756
Email: palat@binghamton.edu


Research interests include historical sociology, political economy, nationalism and new forms of social conflict. Currently working on the historical sociology of the Indian Ocean region; on the parallel transformations of China and India since the mid-1800s; and on the rise of new patterns of antisystemic movements. Earlier work centered on the political economy of east and southeast Asia in the context of contemporary transformations of the capitalist world-economy. These projects build on a long-standing research interest in excavating the Eurocentric biases of social theory. This is complemented by an examination of the intellectual premises of area studies programs and on conceptualizing space. Finally, he has begun studies of nationalism and ethnic conflict as integral elements of capitalist restructuring. Editor of Pacific-Asia and the Future of the World-System (1993); authored Capitalist Restructuring and the Pacific Rim (2004); recent articles in Theory & Society, Economic and Political Weekly, Review, Asian Perspectives, Development & Society, Review of International Political Economy, Critical Asian Studies, among other journals.?

Teaches graduate seminars titled Political Economy of Asia, Asia in World-Historical Perspective, Comparative Hegemonies, among others; and undergraduate courses on the Sociologies of colonialism, contemporary Asia, and of food.?

Recent Courses:

  • Sociology of Food
  • Comparative Hegemonies
  • The Modern World-System

Recent Publications:

  • "Maritime Trade, Political Relations, and Residential Diplomacy in the World of the Indian Ocean," in Engseng Ho & Abdul Sheriff (eds.), Indian Ocean: Oceanic Connections and the Creation of New Societies, (forthcoming).
  • "Nomads and Kings: State Formation in Asia over the longue durée, 1250-1750," in Richard Lee (ed.), History and the Social Sciences: Essays in Honor of Fernand Braudel, SUNY Press (forthcoming).
  • "Cultures of War (Round Two)," Roundtable on John W. Dower's Cultures of War, Critical Asian Studies, XLIII, 4, 2011, 621-622.
  • "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds," Roundtable on John W. Dower's Cultures of War: Pearl Harbor/Hiroshima/9-11/Iraq, Critical Asian Studies, XLIII, 3, 2011, pp. 444-49.
  • "Convergence Before Divergence? Eurocentrism and Alternate Patterns of Historical Change," Summerhill: Indian Institute of Advanced Study Review, XVI, 1, Summer 2010, pp. 42-58.
  • "The World Turned Upside Down: The Rise of the Global South and the Contemporary Global Financial Turbulence," Third World Quarterly. XXXI, 3, 2010, pp. 365-84.
  • "Rise of the Global South and the Emerging Contours of a New World Order," in Boike Rehbein & Jan Nederveen Pieterse (eds), Globalization and Emerging Societies: Development and Inequality, London: Routledge, 2009, pp. 39-60.
  • "Un ritorno allo spirito di Bandung? L'ascesa degli stati nazionali nel Sud globale," in M. Petrusewicz, J. Schneider & P. Schneider (eds.), I Sud.
  • conoscere, capire, cambiare, Bologna: il Mulino, 2009, pp. 321-41.
  • "Convenient Fictions, Inconvenient Truths: A Comment on Onis and Bayram," New Perspectives on Turkey, no. 39, 2008, pp, 85-95.
  • "A New Bandung? Economic Growth vs. Distributive Justice in the Emerging Powers of the Global South," Futures, XL. 8, September 2008, pp. 721-34.

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