Yoonkyung Lee

Yoonkyung LeeAssociate Professor (Director of Graduate Studes)

Office: LT 409
Office hours as posted or by appointment.
Phone: ext. 7-2216
Email: yklee@binghamton.edu



My research interests encompass the fields of comparative politics, democratic theories, political economy, labor studies, and social movements with a regional focus on East Asia. My research across these fields probes questions about democratic representation, particularly focusing on the causes, processes, and actors involved in social transformations such as democratization and economic development.
Currently I am working on two projects: (1) The dynamics between political parties and social movements in Asian democracies in shaping their political and economic trajectories, and (2) The new forms of labor resistance under neoliberal economic structure in technologically savvy East Asia.
Articles appeared in Studies in Comparative International Development, Critical Asian Studies, Korea Observer, Asian Survey, and Asia Pacific Forum.

Recent Courses:

  • Social Research Methods (Fall 2012)
  • Political Economy of East Asia (Fall 2012)
  • Globalization and Asia (Spring 2012)
  • Theories of Social Movements (graduate seminar, Fall 2011)
  • Korean Politics Through Cinema (Fall 2011)

Recent Publications:

  • Militants or Partisans: Labor Unions and Democratic Politics in Korea and Taiwan (Stanford University Press 2011)
  • "Migration, Migrants, and Contested Ethno-Nationalism in Korea," Critical Asian Studies 40 (3), 2009
  • "Divergent Outcomes of Labor Reform Politics in Democratized Korea and Taiwan," Studies in Comparative International Development 44 (1), 2009
  • "Democracy without Parties? Political Parties and Social Movements for Democratic Representation in Korea," Korean Observer 40 (1), 2009
  • "Varieties of Labor Politics in Northeast Asian Democracies: Political Institutions and Union Activism in Korea and Taiwan," Asian Survey XLVI (5), September/October 2006

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