Research Funding Workshops

The Sociology Department and the Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture (PIC) program is organizing a Research Funding Workshop for graduate students in our two programs on April 27, 2011 at noon, Room LN 1324C (the old PSPC Rm C). Since funding opportunities differ depending on the stage of a student's career (first year, ABD, writing up the dissertation, etc), the type of research requirements (support for library study, ethnographic research, archival research, field work, etc) and world area (US, India, Turkey, South Korea, Argentina, Poland, etc), we would be best placed to help students if they can indicate on the Sign-up sheet their interests by Friday April 15.

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Social Justice Projects

Sociology faculty and students have long been active in social justice research, teaching, and public and community work. This group brings together these interests and efforts, providing a forum for ongoing research and publications, public presentations and policy work, prison teaching and mentoring, and visiting speaker series among other activities. Its topics have ranged over the past five years from race and crime, to the global carceral system, to contemporary movements. Coordinator: William G. Martin (

Posted by BU Sociology on Sunday, April 05, 2009

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