Preparing Graduates for Success

The Binghamton University School of Management takes pride in preparing graduates for successful careers.

Our graduates have the personal and professional skills employers expect to find in their future leaders.

In talking with corporate recruiters, several common themes emerge about Binghamton graduates. Most importantly is their enthusiasm about teamwork in their organizations. They tell us our graduates are top performers and exhibit the leadership and corporate savvy to get down to business. Our graduates are known for having a strong work ethic, and they realize success comes through hard work, teamwork and raw determination.SOM

From the start, we encourage our students to think creatively when solving problems, to take a step further and suggest novel ideas, pitching solutions to keep companies on the cutting-edge ahead of the competition. Binghamton graduates can be counted on to tackle all types of challenging projects.

At the Binghamton University School of Management, we have devoted ourselves to developing new and exciting programs, and we have redesigned various aspects of the curriculum to make an immediate impact on the skills and abilities of our graduates. They have always been praised for their analytical business skills and, by placing a greater emphasis on intangibles such as team-building, creative problem solving, and leadership characteristics, we believe Binghamton graduates will continue to be one of the best investments you can make in your organization.

We thank those employers currently recruiting Binghamton graduates. We appreciate the positive feedback you have provided regarding the program and our graduates. For new companies interested in learning more about the School of Management, our programs, and students, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to working with you to ensure your recruiting efforts are productive.

Carolyn Schapiro
Director of SOM Career Services
Telephone: (607) 777-6176

Last Updated: 4/14/15