Harpur Fast-Track MBA Program

Typical 5-Year Schedule:

Years 1-3:

Students complete 94 liberal arts credits, which include Harpur College division, upper level and writing requirements; departmental major requirements; and general education requirements. (Students generally take the GMAT exam in the junior year.)

Year Four (Transition Year):

Student takes 35 credit hours of MBA coursework that complete the Harpur degree requirements.  These credits also represent the first year of the MBA program (if admitted).


Accounting for Managers (MGMT 501) 4 credits
Statistical Analysis for Managers (MGMT 503) 4 credits
Finance for Managers (MGMT 505) 4 credits
Organizational Behavior (MGMT 508) 4 credits
Written and Oral Communication (MGMT 516) 2 credits
Professional Development 1 credit

Total credits: 19


Management Information Systems (MGMT 500) 4 credits
Managerial Economics (MGMT 502) 4 credits
Marketing for Managers (MGMT 506) 4 credits
Operations Management (MGMT 507) 4 credits

Total credits: 16


Year Five (Graduate Status):


Strategic Management (MGMT 540) 4 credits
Elective 4 credits       
Elective 4 credits
Elective 4 credits

Total credits: 16


Ethical & Global Issues in Business (MGMT 530) 2 credits
Elective 4 credits
Elective 4 credits
Elective 4 credits
Elective 4 credits

Total credits: 18


Please Note:
Electives must include one Technology Elective and one Interpersonal Skills Elective.

During year 5, students must participate in an internship that can be either for credit and applied towards an elective, or not for credit.

Areas of Concentration

Although the program provides a generalist perspective, the flexibility of the curriculum allows you to concentrate in one of five career specializations, which include:

  • Finance
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Leadership/Consulting
  • Supply Chain Management

In addition to a concentration, students who take selected quantitative coursework will also have the opportunity to earn a focus in business analytics.
Please note: Concentrations are optional.

Last Updated: 3/25/14